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Cars on the road
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Postponement of the vote on combustion engine phase-out

On 6th March, the vote on the end of the combustion engine was postponed again by the Presidency of the Council. "The phasing out of the combustion engine must not fail because the policies of governments such as Germany, Poland and Italy are being driven by car industry lobbyists", Bas Eickhout MEP comments.
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Sergey Lagodinsky
Young lady with loudspeaker in a demonstration
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Defending and Protecting Civic Space

Civic space is the cornerstone of every vibrant democracy, allowing citizens to organise and meaningfully engage in shaping their societies. In recent years, civic space in the EU and other countries in the world has become increasingly threatened. Against this background, the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament brings together re…
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© Don Bayley
A consumer in a supermarket
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Greens/EFA win vote to fight financial speculation

Members of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee voted on the MiFID and MiFiR files, and supported Greens/EFA calls for an end to financial speculation. Financial speculation is driving up prices of food and energy for consumers, while multinationals are continuing to profit from global crises.
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Greens/EFA Group welcome Commission proposals on road safety, call for an EU-wide speed limit

The Greens/EFA in the European Parliament welcome the road safety package proposed by the EU Commission today and call for a legislative proposal for a speed limit, as has long been common practice in all other EU Member States except Germany.
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One year anniversary of the war in Ukraine
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We stand with Ukraine. One year on

Today, and always, our hearts and thoughts are with those affected by Russia's war against Ukraine. Those who are displaced. Those who have lost loved ones. Those missing family and their home. Those who hope for a peaceful and free Ukraine soon.
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(35) "files/assets/imgs/list/img_2787.png" ["title"]=> string(23) "Solidarity with Ukraine" ["alt"]=> string(40) "Demonstration in solidarity with Ukraine" ["copyright"]=> NULL ["updated_at"]=> int(1677142491) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "242d91e6ff279ed35002d0dd275d42a7.png" ["fname"]=> string(12) "IMG_2787.png" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "" ["list"]=> string(51) "" ["photo"]=> string(52) "" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "" } } Demonstration in solidarity with Ukraine
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One year of Russian war of aggression: We stand with Ukraine

One year ago tomorrow, the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine began. The Greens/EFA stand with international partners alongside Ukraine. We call for international solidarity and a clear condemnation of the war of aggression ahead of the UN General Assembly vote today, the UN Security Council debate planned for tomorrow and the peac…
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© Scanpix Sweden
Big fishing boat
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Greens/EFA welcome plan to end bottom trawling

The European Commission presented an action plan to end bottom trawling. In the "Action Plan for the Conservation of Fisheries Resources and Marine Ecosystems", the EU Commission calls for an end to the use of bottom trawling gear in marine protected areas from 2030. The Greens/EFA call on the EU Commission to present a proposal for EU-wi…
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EFA MEP denied entry to Palestine by Israeli authorities

In the early hours of the 21st of February, EFA MEP Ana Miranda was denied entry to Palestine by the Israeli authorities and deported to the Spanish state. The Galizan MEP was due to spend a few days in Palestine as a member of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Palestine (DPAL).
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globe on grass ©Guillaume de Germain
globe on grass
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For a fossil-free United Nations Climate Change Conference

Regarding the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference, Greens/EFA addressed a letter to UNFCCC Executive Secretary to urge him to take all necessary steps to ensure a Conference free of all interference from the fossil fuel industry. Our group is concerned that, by lending its presidency to the CEO of one of the biggest oil comp…
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© European Union 2021 - Source : EP
European Parliament Strasbourg
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Debriefing of the February Plenary Session

Greens/EFA priorities for the plenary week included the Green Deal Industrial Plan, EU accession to the Istanbul Convention, CO2 Emissions for Cars and Vans, Developing an EU cycling strategy, an Independent EU Ethics Body and more.