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Another world is possible

Another world is possible - Malika Benarab-Attou

"Thousands of people of all nationalities, are gathering in Tunis at the World Social Forum, sharing the same aspirations, the same common desire - that another world is possible. More and more people believe and say that the world today does not represent or suit them. They want to build together an alternative. Greens MEPs are there to listen, to work to help secure this dynamic and work together with civil society to build the alternative, for future generations."  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Opening March

The Greens believe another world is possible, especially with the mobilisation and energy of citizens to construct it. At the opening march of this year's World Social Forum in Tunis, we gave our support for a great initiative for the alternative world that we need As Greens, we of course believe that an ecological transformation is a neccessary part of this, and that is something that we will definitely be discussing in Tunis. Tunisia is a special place as a location for this year's Forum. There are great social and economic challenges as well as a still fresh revolutionary process, instability and uncertainty. But Tunisia is advancing, opening a window and opening hope. The Greens are standing with Tunisian civil society, acting in solidarity with a people who overthrew their dictator. We are present with the youth here, and the hope that is displayed, and obviously we give our full support. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- French Green MEP Jean-Jacob Bicep writes: "It is the day before and the least we can say is that the hive wakes up cheerfully. In the streets roam activists coming from the four corners of the world. Today the streets of Tunis were quiet but tomorrow they are going to vibrate with the clamour of the people as they march for the opening. All those who are for a new world social order are going to unite their voices to call for change and dispute the hegemony of the unfair order such as it is established today. They will continue to do so in the forums and the debates that will follow one another for the next week." 2I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and engaging with you throughout the week, but also hearing your thoughts ata workshops on 28th March, 13:30 -1500, on subject of "De la Colonisation aux Réparations"."
Tunis here we are! "De la Colonisation aux Réparations" / "Colonisation of Reparations"
28th March, 13:30 -1500
Contact: jean-jacob.bicep@ep.europa.eu Read our announcement (English) of the participation of Greens/EFA MEPs in this years World Social Forum


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