About this campaign

This is a campaign run by the Greens/EFA political group in the European Parliament. 

The internet is an empowering tool that allows us to communicate globally, to meet each other, to build networks and join forces, to access information and culture, and to express and, spread political opinions. 

Help us make sure that the EU’s rules for illegal content are as strong as possible so that the rights of everyone are guaranteed online: We need your input to crowdsource a model law and to collect user stories of take-downs. 

Unfortunately, platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok filter and moderate with a lot of collateral damage: Too often, hateful content especially targeting minority groups remains online. On the other hand legitimate posts, videos, accounts and ads are removed and the platforms make it difficult to contest. This has a serious implications for freedom of expression online. 

Upcoming European legislation, called the Digital Services Act, will among other things modernise legislation on how online platforms such as Facebook or Twitter should handle illegal content online,and how content can be flagged, and removed (so called “Notice and Action” mechanism). It is a great opportunity to find solutions to some big issues: ensuring that effective complaint and redress mechanisms are available on all platforms and that the reporting and removal of toxic content will significantly improve. 

This campaign is coordinated by MEP Alexandra Geese together with MEPs Marcel Kolaja, Kim van Sparrentak, Patrick Breyer and Sergey Lagodinsky. If you want more information about this campaign please contact us via email anna.czerwoniec@europarl.europa.eu

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