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A Green Review

7th legislature of the European Parliament (2009-2014)


The past legislature saw the unfolding of the economic crisis overwhelming the European societies, the failure of the climate negotiations in Copenhagen, the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, the horsemeat food scandal, the Arab Spring, the NSA spying activities, the start of questionable free-trade agreements such as TTIP and an increasingly growing pressure of a globalised uniformed culture on Europe's cultural diversity.  This is only to quote a few, the list is much longer.

During this five-year term of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA have always been the driving force :


  • to promote crisis resilience through social justice
  • to secure our climate and energy future
  • to fight for a healthy environment
  • to defend human rights, social, democratic and digital rights
  • to promote global solidarity and security
  • to celebrate cultural diversity


Download the document below and discover :


  • the main issues at stake
  • what the Greens/EFA achieved
  • what we could not achieve and why.




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