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Greens/EFA proposals for a human- and rights-based approach for EU internal security policies

The Greens/EFA have traditionally been less visible in home affairs and internal security, areas dominated by conservative and far-right parties. However, facing increasing threats from right-wing extremists and organized crime, we emphasize the need for police to defend democracy and fundamental rights both online and offline. We aim to shift the debate from conservative dominance to a progressive approach.

Over the past two decades, the EU's security agenda has focused on surveillance and judicial cooperation, often neglecting social measures and leading to disinvestment in public services and police funding. This has contributed to social instability and increased crime.

The Greens/EFA have contributed significantly to EU security and criminal justice policies, advocating for fundamental rights and effective crime-fighting measures. We stress the importance of cooperation among Member States in tackling corruption, money laundering, and financial crime. However, we criticize the EU's disproportionate focus on surveillance and criminalization of specific groups, such as migrants and ethnic minorities.

We argue for a comprehensive understanding of security that addresses root causes of crime and promotes social cohesion, rather than a reactive and discriminatory approach. We call for evidence-based, democratic, and accountable security policies that balance security with fundamental rights.

The EU needs a concept of security based on evidence, subject to democratic scrutiny and increased accountability, as this paper suggests. We advocate a paradigm shift towards a progressive and rational security, police and crime policy that is based on facts instead of monitoring citizens without cause and giving security authorities excessive powers.

This paper outlines our vision and policy proposals for the coming years, aiming to influence the agenda of the next European Parliament term.



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