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A great victory for consumers and the environment

Common charger

Today, the European Parliament gave the final green light on the common charger. The common charger will introduce the USB-C as standard charging cable for everything from mobile phones to laptops and e-readers. This is a triumph for the environment, as it will reduce electronic waste, save resources, and limit extraction of raw materials. As well as a triumph for consumers, as it will simplify the use of technology across the EU.

Anna Cavazzini, Greens/EFA MEP and Chair of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee and shadow rapporteur on the single charging cable, comments:

“The common charger is a great success for the environment, as it will save up to 1000 tonnes of electronic waste every year across Europe, and a victory for consumers as it means an end to cable clutter. One cable will be all you need.

“The European Parliament has pushed for this legislation to be as widely applicable as possible, so the standard USB-C cable will be able to fast charge any small-medium device from laptops to e-readers in the future as well.

“The compromise found with the Council allows consumers to purchase devices and cables separately. This option is crucial as consumers now have the sustainable choice."


The European Parliament has been pushing for common chargers for more than a decade, please find the latest resolution here. The proposal was agreed by negotiators from the European Parliament, Commission and Council in June.


European Parliament building in Strasbourg / © European Union 2019 / Architecture-Studio
European Parliament building in Strasbourg / © European Union 2019 / Architecture-Studio
Press release
Press release
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Anna Cavazzini
Anna Cavazzini

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