What the Greens/EFA stand for

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Emission measurements in the automotive sector

Plenary speech by Rebecca Harms

How the car lobby works


In the midst of the car emissions scandal, this video explains how the car lobby works to influence legislation.


Bart Staes

We the undersigned want to challenge the current model of production and consumption and build on alternative ways that are good for the planet, animals and people. We support a truly sustainable system which focuses on nutritional quality, on preservation of soil and biodiversity, on protecting farmers’ livelihoods as well as animal welfare, on reducing waste and adulteration in the food supply and on true long term solutions rather than the false quick fixes of fertilisers, pesticides and GMOs.

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Europe v Facebook

Jan Philipp Albrecht

State of the Union

Plenary speech by Josep-Maria TERRICABRAS

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State of the Union

Plenary speech by Philippe Lamberts

TTIP vote

Plenary speech by Jill Evans

Mandate for the trilogue

Plenary speech by Ernest Maragall

The reform of European electoral law

Josep Maria Terricabras, Jill Evans, Jordi Sebastià

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Teaching environment

Helga Trüpel

EU engagement in Palestine

EFA Delegation to Jerusalem and Ramallah

Justice Peace and Equality for Israel and Palestine

EFA Delegation to Jaffa and Jerusalem