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Panama Papers: The Final Vote

One scandal chases another: LuxLeaks, Panama Papers, Paradise Papers... they all show there is a global system of corruption and injustice in place. On 12 December, we have a great opportunity to fight money laundering and tax avoidance. The European Parliament will vote on its Panama Papers report and we need to make this a victory for tax justice!

#Multilingualism - a reality in the European Parliament?

Jordi Sebastià, Ana Miranda, Josu Juaristi, Josep-Maria Terricabras

Fukushima anniversary

Time to switch power

Energy Union

Plenary speech by Claude Turmes

The European Free Alliance

Video presentation - 2015

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Inquiry committee on tax dumping

A question of political willingness

There's still a lot to be done to tackle tax evasion in the EU. Following the Luxleaks scandal, the Greens refuse to be fobbed off with a less powerful 'Special committee' instead of an 'Inquiry committee' in order for the European Parliament to examine Member States' tax decisions.

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Giant Trojan Horse Protests EU-US Trade Deal

Yannick Jadot, Jean Lambert

We are still fighting against the EU-US TTIP negotiations. This week, the fight was very much in Brussels, where our MEPs Yannick Jadot and Jean Lambert and others joined the demo. But we need everyone to make the case in their own countries too.

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Tax evasion and dumping: an inquiry committee is necessary

Philippe Lamberts

For decades big companies operating in Europe have been taking advantage of tax competition between Member States so as to pay less possible taxes. The result is that small businesses end of paying while big businesses don’t. The Greens/EFA are pushing for an inquiry committee. What will the other political groups do?

Anti-terrorism measures

Plenary speech by Jan Philipp Albrecht

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TTIP: Demand full transparency

On both sides of the Atlantic, corporations are working hard to ensure TTIP is good for them, even if that means it's bad for citizens, democracy and environment. Don't believe the hype! Find out what's going on below the surface at

TTIP Talks: What's Cooking?

Perspectives on Food & Farming

We have not been elected to satisfy the markets

Plenary speech by Philippe Lamberts on Latvian EU Presidency

Green/EFA president Philippe Lamberts gives his assessment of the challenges facing the EU. Instead of narrowly focusing on economic growth, Europe should be giving priority to addressing growing inequality and social exclusion.

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We must not let our freedoms drown

Green MEP Michèle Rivasi about attack on Charlie Hebdo

Our thoughts go out to the 17 victims, artists and journalists defending freedom of expression, police, Jews, Christians, atheists and Muslims, their families, their loved ones. We must now make sure that we do not allow our freedoms to drown

Commission work programme 2015

Plenary speech by Jill Evans