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Mark Zuckerberg in the European Parliament facing questions on data privacy

Mark Zuckerberg was invited to the European Parliament to talk about the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal
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European Union
Plenary speech Ska Keller
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A look back on the speech of French President Emmanuel Macron

French President needs to walk the talk.
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Jorge Mendivar
Women in el Salvador
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Protect women in El Salvador

Teodora Vázquez was imprisoned for over 10 years in El Salvador under the abortion law. She was accused of murder after complications in her pregnancy. There are other 25 women in prison with similar accusations. They can be sentenced to up to 35 years. This April, the Assembly of El Salvador will debate the possibility to change the law…
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Monsanto's Toxic Tricks

The Monsanto Papers are secret, internal documents that have now been made public thanks to over 10,000 farmers who have taken Monsanto to court, accusing the company's glyphosate weedkillers of causing them to develop a cancer called non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The documents reveal the various strategies and tactics used by Monsanto to ensure…
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© Guillaume Delebarre
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A fair transition away from coal

Europe was built on coal. We all owe a great deal to the people who went down the coal mines each morning. Coal may have run its course, but that energy and skill is needed now more than ever. People from the mining regions have to be at the heart of this transition.
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False emissions ratings are costing billions of Euros to European taxpayers!

Our new report shows that the growing gap between real life CO2 emissions from cars and in lab tests has contributed to a major tax gap on cars. €10 billion in 2016 to be exact. It’s time for EU action!
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Catalan Political prisoners

EFA MEP Jordi Solé gives an update on the situation in Catalonia at a press conference in the European Parliament, alongside relatives of the political prisoners and exiled politicians, on 26 March 2018.
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Bringing a positive change in society

The European Ideas Lab brings together changemakers from all over Europe. Everyday activists, civil society organisations, citizens’ movements, artists, ecopreneurs and Green innovators, we come from different background but we all share the same objective: bring a positive change in society.
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Gender equality portraits © 4774344sean
Gender equality portraits
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EFA MEPs - International Women's Day

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Sexual harassment and violence will not be tolerated

Greens/EFA MEP Terry Reintke hands over a petition of 100 000 signatures to Mr Tajani, President of the European Parliament. This petition asks for a culture change as well as rules within the institution in order to prevent sexual harassment. It also urges the European Commission to come with a legislative proposal aiming at fighting vio…