INTA Committee vote against ACTA

Ska Keller & Amelia Andersdotter

Final vote in International Trade Committee (INTA) Centre-Right EPP and ECR Groups fail to have vote postponed. Final vote goes ahead, in public, and Trade committee recommends rejection of ACTA! There is hope! After the trade committee vote to recommend rejection of ACTA, the final plenary vote will take place in Strasbourg during the July session (Debate Tuesday 3rd, Vote Wednesday 4th) . Expect the HEAVY pro-ACTA lobbying to continue over the next two weeks, in Brussels and in Strasbourg, and a very tight vote that is impossible to predict. We have seen in the committee votes that there is hope if civil society and citizens also make their voice heard. The whole European Parliament will be voting so contact your MEP now!

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ACTA - anti-counterfeiting treaty

Writing on the wall for ACTA as MEPs vote to reject controversial treaty

The European Parliament trade committee today voted in favour of a report recommending that the EP reject the controversial ACTA anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (1). The Greens welcomed the outcome of the vote, with Swedish MEP Amelia Andersdotter stating: "The writing is now on the wall fo...

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Brussels agenda

Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 18 - 22 June 2012

Greens/EFA priorities for the week include the debate on the agricultural policy reform and the vote on ACTA in the committee on international trade. Other highlights are the EU Council on the Euro crisis and the committee vote on rules on credit rating agencies

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50 reasons to reject ACTA

Greens/EFA campaign

With the European Parliament set to decide on the fate of the controversial ACTA anti-counterfeiting agreement, Green MEPs set out the reasons why they believe the parliament should vote to withhold its consent and reject the agreement. With your help we have put together 50 reasons to reject ACTA. See the video and join the anti-ACTA mobilisation on 9 June.

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Global changes in the production and consumption of culture


A Greens/EFA conference

Exploring the new trends in culture production and consumption across the world is necessary to be able to build the future policies needed to promote creation and access to knowledge. While the issue of copyright and the Internet has often occupied the debates in the European Parliament during the past years, offering a very narrow approach to industrial and social realities, we instead decided to broaden the focus in order to better understand the changes and challenges. We, thus, invited several analysts and experts, journalists, researchers and writers, who will speak about the results of their investigations and reflection; from Hollywood to China, from Australia back to Europe and to Brussels...

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50 reasons to reject ACTA

The reasons the matter to you

The vote of the European Parliament will be decisive for the future of ACTA. It has already been rejected by the Development, Civil Liberties, Legal Affairs, and Industry committees in the European Parliament, but the big votes are still to take place in the lead Trade committee and with the final P...



Amelia Andersdotter

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ACTA - anti-counterfeiting treaty

Further blows to ACTA as EP moves to finish off controversial treaty

Three European Parliament committees today adopted opinion reports on the controversial ACTA anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (1). The Greens welcomed the outcome of the votes on the different opinion reports recommending that the EP reject ACTA. Greens/EFA MEP and draftsperson for the industry c...

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ACTA rejection welcomed

Press Release from SNP MEP Alyn Smith

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has today (Thursday) hailed a vote to reject the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) in the European Parliament's Industry Committee (ITRE), of which he is the only Scots member.  The committee vote was for the adoption of a draft opinion by Alyn's group colleague Amel...


50 reasons to reject ACTA

Tell us about yours!

The vote of the European Parliament will be decisive for the future of ACTA. Discussions are currently taking place. We believe it is essential to survey the various fields and sectors impacted by ACTA.

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EP sends strong message on need to respect European law and end patenting of life forms

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution calling on the European Patent Office and the European Commission to ensure European legislation prohibiting the patenting of plant or animal breeding is respected. Speaking after the vote, Green MEP and agriculture spokesperson Martin Häusling sai...

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ACTA anti-counterfeiting agreement

EP raises questions over Commission's legal handling of ACTA

The chair of the European Parliament's legal affairs committee has written to EU trade commissioner De Gucht outlining the committee's dissatisfaction with how the Commission has handled the controversial ACTA anti-counterfeiting agreement from a legal standpoint. The letter came after pressure from...