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Strasbourg Cathedral
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Greens/EFA take on the plenary session

Greens/EFA priorities for the plenary week included the sustainable single market, tackling homelessness in the EU, Industrial Strategy for Europe, LGBTIQ Strategy, Pharmaceutical Strategy, Abortion Rights and Rule of Law in Poland, and the outcome of EUCO debate regarding MFF.
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European Parliament Strasbourg
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Plenary Flash 23-26 November 2020

During this week plenary session, the European Parliament will debate and vote on tackling homelessness rates in the EU, planned obsolescence, LGBTI equality strategy, new industrial strategy, abortion rights in Poland, pharmaceutical strategy, MFF/Recovery Plan, ...
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Purple 10tacle/flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)
Chemical Industry /BASF
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European transformation in chemicals policy draws closer

Today, the European Commission has just presented its Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. The Strategy is a step in the right direction towards an European chemicals revolution and can provide the framework for a more sustainable, clean and competitive chemicals industry. The str...
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European Green Deal // Wind turbine construction
European Green Deal
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Parliament calls for more ambition in green transition

A majority of MEPs have voted in favour of a cross-party resolution on the European Green Deal, initiated by the Greens/EFA group. The Greens/EFA group have succeeded in including demands for more biodiversity protection, more climate financing and a more social approach to tackling the climate crisis.
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© Sigal Suhler Moran
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Horizon Europe Programme

With more than a third of Horizon Europe’s budget being earmarked for climate-related expenditure, EU is sending the right signal in order to leverage additional public and private funding in order to solve the global challenges at our doorstep, said Greens/EFA MEP Jakop Dalunde.
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Picture credit Pavel Korr - Istock
Killer robot
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European Parliament to call for a ban on killer robots

"Autonomous weapons systems must be banned internationally, the power to decide over life and death should never be taken out of human hands and given to machines," says Bodil Valero MEP, security policy spokesperson for the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament.
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Michal Osmenda
Light my fire
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Special treatment for Nord Stream II must end

Claude Turmes welcomes proposals to end special treatment for projects like Nord Stream II
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Greens/EFA Round up

Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg Plenary included: Palm oil and deforestation of rainforests; One year anniversary of the Panama Papers; Dieselgate: inquiry report and type approval legislation; EU-Syria strategy; Brexit: Article 50 resolution; Money Market Funds; MFF revision; GMO objection; Roaming charges.
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European Parliament sets out plans for improved access to life-saving drugs

The European Parliament has backed a report calling for improved access to medicines. At present, many vital drugs are overpriced due to abuse of patent rules by pharmaceuticals and the imbalance in the negotiating powers of pharmaceutical companies and Member States. The report sets out a number of proposals to counter these problems.
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Employment committee backs strengthened regulations

The European Parliament’s Employment and Social Affairs committee has today backed the draft report on the amendment to a directive designed to protect workers from risks of exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at work.