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European flag 530x390
News |

Now Europe, now Eurobonds

In the last days, we have witnessed an inexplicable European paralysis to address the COVID-19 crisis. It has taken too long to see patients crossing borders to be treated in neighbouring countries, or material circulating from one country to another. Fortunately, it seems that solidarity within Europe is growing every day, and we are fin…
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Skyline of Frankfurt m Main
Press release |

EUCO: Letter to the European Council on Eurobonds & ESM

Ahead of today's European Council summit, the Greens/EFA Members of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee are calling for economic measures, based on solidarity to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, in a letter to the European leaders.   Sven Giegold MEP, financial and economic...
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Circular economy - © ma_rish
Circular economy
Press release |

Commission plan positive step to kick start circular economy

The new Action Plan contains key proposals for the transformation to a circular economy, such as a commitment to address key product value chains, to come forward with waste reduction targets and to revise waste shipment rules. However, several indispensable pieces of the puzzle are still missing
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Press release |

Commission's Strategy falls short of expectations

""Ursula von der Leyen has said she wants to put gender equality high on the agenda, but she falls short of delivering equality within her own Strategy," comments Greens/EFA MEP Alice Bah Kuhnke.
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Press release |

EU must take the lead with more ambitious climate targets

To save the climate, 2020 is crucial. The European Climate Law presented by the European Commission falls short of the promises enshrined in the Green Deal and does not live up to the EU's claim to take this leading role in climate protection.
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strasbourg building ep
News |

A Greens/EFA take on the plenary week

Greens/EFA priorities for the plenary week included the European Green Deal, the Sustainable Investment Plan, Just Transition Fund, Roadmap on Social Europe, the Council hearings on the rule of Law in Hungary and Poland, Czech PM Andrej Babiš' conflicts of interest, Convention on biodiversity, ...
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Slash and burn amazon ©Matt Zimmerman (CC BY 2.0)
slash and burn amazon
Study |

Analysis of the agreement between the European Union and the Mercosur

The study offers a comprehensive review of the disciplines and mechanisms covered in the hundreds of pages of text which make up the agreement, and of their potential effects. It covers all chapters published so far, addressing changes to trade flows in goods and services, rules, standard-making and non-tariff barriers to trade. The study…
array(7) { ["url"]=> string(47) "files/assets/imgs/list/european_green_deal.jpeg" ["title"]=> string(19) "European Green Deal" ["copyright"]=> string(48) "European Green Deal // Wind turbine construction" ["updated_at"]=> int(1579098474) ["file_name"]=> string(37) "b7747bce937a80dd6b832af76b7d9820.jpeg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/8992/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(50) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/8992/list" ["photo"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/8992/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(54) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/8992/portrait" } ["alt"]=> string(19) "European Green Deal" }
European Green Deal // Wind turbine construction
European Green Deal
Press release |

Parliament calls for more ambition in green transition

A majority of MEPs have voted in favour of a cross-party resolution on the European Green Deal, initiated by the Greens/EFA group. The Greens/EFA group have succeeded in including demands for more biodiversity protection, more climate financing and a more social approach to tackling the climate crisis.
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coal mining garzweiler // Frank Kehren (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
coal mining garzweiler
Press release |

A necessary tool but commitment to coal phase-out needed

The Just Transition Fund is a necessary tool to support the regions that will be affected by the move away from coal and other polluting industries, which we have long been calling for. Unfortunately, the Commission's proposal does not set a binding date for the phase-out of coal.
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People together
People together
Press release |

Bland declarations on employment will not solve inequality

We were waiting for a roadmap that could curb inequalities and tackle the scourge of poverty, but instead the Commission has offered bland declarations on employment. The Commission Roadmap reduces the social agenda to the issue of employment and leaves out issues such as poverty and social exclusion.