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Deforestation illegal-logging-amazon-brazil
Deforestation illegal-logging-amazon-brazil
Event |

Imported deforestation - webinar

Watch our webinar on how to end imported deforestation. The rate of global deforestation remains alarmingly high. The EU must put in place robust regulations to eliminate its outsized deforestation footprint!
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Picture credit : Victor Moriyama
Aerial view of burnt Cerrado
Study |

Proposed EU regulation on deforestation and forest degradation

Our case study on EU soy and beef imports from South America shows that this narrow focus on protecting FAO “forests” could increase pressure on other precious ecosystems. As proposed, the legislation would leave three quarters of the Cerrado (79 million hectares) and a third of the Gran Chaco (32 million hectares) unprotected.
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European Union
Hemicycle European Parliament Strasbourg
News |

Plenary Flash - 6-9 June 2022

On the agenda for the plenary session: the Fit for 55 package, Question Time with the Commission on reducing the use of pesticides and strengthening consumer protection, Council and Commission statements on the rule of law and the potential approval of the Polish national Recovery Plan (RRF), Council and Commission statements on global th…
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goliath video thumbnail
Video |

Emmanuelle Bercot, Frédéric Tellier & Benoît Biteau on "Goliath" film

After the huge success of the film "Goliath", director Frédéric Tellier and actress Emmanuelle Bercot talk to MEP and farmer Benoît Biteau at a screening in Brussels.
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help this tiny turtle video thumbnail
Video |

Help this tiny turtle - stop the pollution of our oceans!

This is a tiny turtle. He wants to grow big one day and have tiny turtles of his own. But it’s not going to be easy. His home is being destroyed: the ocean.
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Tractor spraying on farmland
Letter |

Letter on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive to the European Commission

Letter to express our deep disappointment and outrage at the postponement of the proposal for a reform of the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive
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Picture of forest
Letter |

Call for a strong and ambitious EU Regulation on nature protection

Given the recent developments and the interventions of several stakeholders, the undersigned MEPs are reiterating their call for a strong and ambitious EU Regulation on nature restoration. They welcome the Commission’s efforts to establish legally binding obligations on EU member states, spanning the period until 2050. In their view, thes…
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(68) "files/assets/imgs/list/2560px-wheat_fields_in_ukraine-5961.jpeg.jpeg" ["title"]=> string(23) "Wheat fields in Ukraine" ["alt"]=> string(23) "Wheat fields in Ukraine" ["copyright"]=> string(31) "Raimond Spekking (CC BY-SA 4.0)" ["updated_at"]=> int(1646837355) ["file_name"]=> string(37) "27e75d89fb01b7272169e3483ccd83ad.jpeg" ["fname"]=> string(40) "2560px-Wheat_fields_in_Ukraine-5961.jpeg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "" ["list"]=> string(51) "" ["photo"]=> string(52) "" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "" } }
Raimond Spekking (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Wheat fields in Ukraine
Letter |

Food Security in light of Russia’s war in Ukraine and Strengthening the Farm to Fork Strategy

For the Greens/EFA Group, the war in Ukraine and the associated geopolitical repercussions are a reason to strengthen our commitment to the European Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies, as they are crucial to the future and the sustainability and security of our food system.
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CC Heine Christiansen
Bee Red Flower
Policy Paper |

EU nature restoration law

The biodiversity crisis is upon us. One million species are threatened with extinction and the vast majority will be affected within the current human generation. A global target for the restoration of degraded ecosystems is envisaged to be adopted at the COP15 international conference on biodiversity in Kunming in 2022. To achieve the in…
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Creative Commons
Opinion |

How to end cruel animal transports

Tilly Metz Caroline Roose Thomas Waitz
Opinion by Tilly Metz & Caroline Roose & Thomas Waitz
Every day, thousands of animals are transported in horrific conditions across the European Union and beyond for breeding, fattening or slaughter. The Greens/EFA are fighting for an end to these cruel practices. Negotiations on the Committee’s report are now coming to an end.