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European Union
Hemicycle European Parliament Strasbourg
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What's coming up in Parliament

A look ahead to next week's session in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the Greens/EFA priority issues on the agenda
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Chafer Machinery (CC BY 2.0)
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Greens Complementary Hearing on Pesticides

Everything you always wanted to know about the effects of pesticides on human health and the environment
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CC Chafer Machinery
Crops Sprayed
Press release |

A victory for food safety and the environment: ECJ ruling on new GMOs

Today, the European Court of Justice ruled that organisms obtained by mutagenesis, otherwise known as "new breeding techniques" by the biotech industry, are in fact Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and are subject to the 2001 EU GMO Directive and all its obligations. Despite heavy lobbying by the industry looking for ways to circumv…
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Sustainable eating

This booklet is about the food we eat every day, and the impact it has on our health, our environment and our future. Sustainable eating is becoming an urgent issue all over the world. We can all help change things by making different food choices. So, if you are ready, here's some 'food for thought' about making your fridge a force for c…
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GMO imported crops continue to enter the EU while the flawed authorisation process undergoes reform

Little by little, the European Parliament is trying to install more democracy and transparency into the EU decision processes. by reforming the way the EU approves GMOs, active substances contained in pesticides or any product or substance susceptible of having an impact on human health or the environment. But while the discussions are un…
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Jenni Peterson
sunflower bee
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World Bee Day

1) Replace pesticides Give up chemicals and insect poisons in your home and garden.  Replace these products with more environmentally and bee-friendly alternatives. Natural repellents (e.g. planting mint around cabbages to protect them from caterpillars) and predatory insects such as lady...
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The situation of EU sugar beet farmers made worse by a GM sugar beet from Monsanto

European sugar beet producers have been suffering in recent years from a succession of transformations of the sector and low market prices. Some Member States have been using the farmers’ difficult situation as an excuse to lift the EU ban on tbee-toxic pesticides but are yet willing to let imported GM sugar beet flood the EU market.
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Image by Hans
plastic bottles
Press release |

New dawn for plastic management

Reaction from Greens/EFA MEP Margrete Auken to the leak of the European Commission's draft legislative proposal on plastics.
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© ranplett
Sunflower with bees
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EU Member States back plans to protect pollinators

The Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed has today voted to approve the extension of the European Commission's restrictions on the use of three of the most widely used neonicotinoids. Greens/EFA food safety spokesperson Bart Staes comments: "At long last, this strong a...
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Democratic decisions cannot be taken in the dark

Last year, the renewal of the license to sell glyphosate, the herbicide, in the EU left the wider public frustrated and angry. The Greens/EFA are pushing for more transparency, more democracy and fewer dangerous products on the EU market - to achieve this we have to change the flawed decision-making process that in the EU jargon is called…