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EU Justice Programme final trilogue

Today, final trilogue negotiations between the European Parliament, Commission and Council were concluded on the EU Justice Programme for the years 2021-2027, which includes greater support for citizens, civil society and legal experts.
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European Court of Justice to decide if transparency over cancer studies should override commercial secrets

On the 7th March 2019, the European Court of Justice will deliver its verdict in a landmark case pitting the public interest in transparency against the commercial interests of private companies. The case was brought by four Greens/EFA MEPs in May 2017, after EFSA claimed that it had used unpublished studies by Monsanto, Syngenta and Chem…
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Citizens’ Rights improved as European Parliament Strengthens the Role of the EU Ombuds(wo)man

To improve democracy and the rights of citizens in Europe, the Greens/EFA decided to strengthen the European Ombuds(wo)man’s office so that it could better investigate maladministration and conflicts of interest. We also managed to secure a role for the Ombuds(wo)man’s Office in important areas such as whistleblower protection and sexual …
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Sometimes the Truth Needs Friends

Whether you are five years old or eighty-five years old, anyone who tells the truth deserves to be protected, but right now those who do are at risk of getting fired, sued, harassed — and worse — by those who seek to silence them. The good news is that — in the European Union at least — all of this whistleblower harassment could soon beco…
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The #TruthNeedsFriends Campaign

People who expose the truth nowadays are harassed, demoted, fired, or sued by employers who are desperate to silence them. Also known as "whistleblowers", these people speak up to defend our rights. The European Union is on the verge of adopting a new law that would protect people who tell the truth. Join our campaign and put pressure on …
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Corporate Europe Observatory report on Council lobbying

A new report from Corporate Europe Observatory: "Captured states: when EU governments are a channel for corporate interests” reveals that the complex and opaque nature of decisions made in the Council of Ministers often benefits corporate interests over those of citizens.
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MEPs vote for new rules on lobbying in major victory for transparency

The European Parliament has just voted for binding rules for more transparency around MEPs' meetings with lobbyists. The report calls for stricter rules around rapporteurs and other MEPs in other official positions to disclose their meetings with interest representatives on the Transparency Register. In an extremely unusual steps the EPP …
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Government plans to legalise corruption

The Romanian government is planning to use emergency ordinance measures to allow officials convicted of corruption to escape their sentences. Romania, which holds the rotating presidency of the EU Council, must immediately halt any attempts to provide amnesty for corruption offences, according to the Group/EFA group.
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New conflict of interest ruling on Czech PM Andrej Babis

A Czech municipal authority in Černošice has ruled that Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has a conflict of interest around his media organisations that are controlled by the Agrofert group. Under Czech law it is illegal for a Prime Minister to control media organisations.
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Golden visa schemes pose serious risks

Today, the European Commission warned EU Member States of controversial "golden visas" programmes that sell residence permits and even citizenship to non-EU citizens in exchange for money and investment. The European Commission's report is a result of a long running Greens/EFA push for more transparency around golden visa schemes.