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© Martin-Pluimers
Press release |

Hungary: Judith Sargentini to attend General Affair Council on Monday to present Rule of Law report

"This is a small step in the right direction, but we are in a great hurry when it comes to Hungary. This meeting is a preparation for formal consultations between the European Parliament and the Ministers of Member States. We are dealing with an extremely serious situation in one of our own countries, which calls for swift and substantive…
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© sceka
No arms for Assad!
Press release |

EU Parliament calls for arms export ban to Saudi Arabia

Members of the European Parliament called for an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia on the initiative of the Greens/EFA Group. Ska Keller and Philippe Lamberts appeal to the EU governments to implement an EU-wide ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia, which the Parliament has already called for three times since 2016 through Greens/EFA grou…
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CC Heine Christiansen
Bee Red Flower
Press release |

Austrian government using Orban's playbook

The Austrian government wants to exclude environmental organisations from environmental impact assessments. The amendment to the Environmental Impact Assessment Act will be put to the vote tomorrow (Thursday, 25 October) in the Austrian National Council.
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The Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing

Greens/EFA co-presidents Ska Keller and Philippe Lamberts present the key issues of the plenary session and of the European agenda for the Greens/EFA group
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European Union
Hemicycle European Parliament Strasbourg
News |

What's coming up in Parliament

A look ahead to next week's session in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the Greens/EFA priority issues on the agenda
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News |

Investigative journalists reveal a vast corruption scandal in Bulgaria involving EU funds

Viktoria Marinova, a Bulgarian journalist, was brutally murdered on 6 October 2018. The Greens/EFA in the European Parliament demanded an immediate and independent investigation into Marinova’s death. While the motive remains unclear, this terrible crime has brought to light serious allegations of corruption in Bulgaria.
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Press release |

1 year since Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered

"Daphne Caruana Galizia paid the ultimate price for her fearless reporting into corruption and organised crime in Malta. The European Parliament must create a Daphne Caruana Galizia Prize for investigative journalists. Those who make public what governments want to sweep under the rug deserve applause, recognition and protection"
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Press release |

Independent investigation into abhorrent murder urgently needed

Viktoria Marinova was brutally murdered in the Bulgarian city of Ruse. She had recently been reporting on corruption in EU funds involving top officials and major companies in Bulgaria. The Greens/EFA group demand an immediate and independent investigation into Marinova's death.
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Greens/EFA Debriefing

Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg Plenary week included the rule of law in Romania, the CO2-regulation for cars and vans, the money laundering, the UN binding treaty on business and human rights, the Future of Europe debate with Prime Minister of Estonia
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Press release |

New powers urgently needed to tackle money laundering in EU

The European Parliament will debate, on an initiative of the Greens/EFA group, the risks of money laundering in the EU banking sector following on from major multi-billion euro scandals in large European banks. The ongoing case of Danske Bank in Denmark and Estonia, as well recent cases with ING in the Netherlands, Pilatus Bank in Malta a…