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EU-Russia Summit in Samara on 18 May 2007

Greens/EFA point out that democracy and human rights must be at the core of any future agreement with the Russian Federation and regret the timid reaction by the EU Presidency and the Commission at the Moscow and Saint Petersburg events. They also express their concern about Russian state re-taking control of all resources, including ener…
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Residual risk

This study, commissioned by the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, outlines the accidents in nuclear power plants since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. From minor incidents to major problems, it shows that nuclear power is a very dangerous source of energy.
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UN Climate panel

Top climate experts and officials from around the world meet in Bangkok this week to discuss a draft report on how to fight climate change. They examine a summary for policy makers to be formally adopted on Friday.
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Today, exactly 21 years after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, Greenpeace activists' from all over Europe occupied the place where the construction of the new EPR reactor in France already started. They managed to stop the work process.
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European Parliament climate change committee

The European Parliament decided in Strasbourg to set up a temporary committee on climate change due to start its work in May.The Greens/EFA group will be represented on the temporary committee by 3 MEPs on a total of 60.
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European Parliament two-seat operation

An independent study, commissioned by Green MEPs Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert, reveals the climate impact of the EP's travelling circus (pdf).
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Renewables development

The wind and photovoltaic sectors registered record growth levels in 2006 according to new figures published by the renewable energy consortium Eurobserver. Germany is still a leading country but other markets are expected to take off quickly like in France, UK or Italy.
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Homophobia in Europe

Greens/EFA affirm that the EU institutions and Member States have a duty to ensure that in the EU human rights are respected, protected and promoted and urge the competent Polish authorities to refrain from proposing or adopting a anti-homosexual law and to condemn public leaders inciting discrimination and hatred based on sexual orientat…
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 Seminar Proceedings and DocumentationPresentation of Rita Baeten: Health Services within the EU legal background and debatePresentation of Ruth Paserman: Activities in the area of health in DG Employment and Social Affairs Presentation of Jens Gobrecht: Who is steering health systems? “Health se...
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Shipping emissions

The Commission has said that it will draft legislation this year to tackle the shipping industry's rapidly growing contribution to global warming. The plan is to include the sector in Europe's CO2 cap-and-trade system ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme).