A Green and Social Europe is possible

A Green and Social Europe is possible. Even if it seems like the world is crumbling down. And it’s hard to stay hopeful when groceries have quadrupled, our rents are increasing every month and we need therapy that we can’t afford. Our hours are spent juggling precarious jobs and leaving little room for the things that truly matter. This storm we’re facing is not just about bills and budgets; it’s about our dreams, about our mental health, about our future.

Now take a second to imagine a better Europe

… where governments work hard so that people can thrive and live a good, comfortable life without struggling. A Europe where we are supported to do our best for ourselves and the planet. Yes, imagine a Europe whose strength lies not only in its economic prowess but also in the wellbeing of its people.

We already know that companies are making more profits than ever, so how are we expected to believe that there is no money available to invest in our people and in our public services?

A Europe without precarity is possible.
And as Greens/EFA we are fighting for it.

We have been calling for:

1. Homes for people, not for profit

Let’s start with not having to spend such a big part of your salary on rent. It’s possible, and in 5 steps we could make sure that everyone has a decent, affordable and warm home.

2. And end to unpaid internships

Now, let’s add some workers’ rights, and make sure that all young people get paid for their internships! If you work, you get paid, as simple as that!

3. A Europe where everyone can pay their bills

What about unpaid work, people who have to stop working to look after their relatives or raise a family? Or people who can only work part-time because they have other, more important, things to do? With a minimum income to keep everyone above the poverty line, we would be able to do more for others and spend less time slaving away for faceless corporations.

How can we deliver this?

Well, it’s all about prioritising. What do YOU prioritise? Well-being, thriving communities, a care economy that works? Or weapons, “competitiveness” (whatever that means!) and record-breaking wealth and profits in the hands of a tiny few?

As Greens/EFA we have always voted in favour of people over profit at European level.

We don’t just talk, we act. When the European Parliament voted on the need for a minimum income to keep everyone in Europe above the poverty line, we secured a majority despite opposition from some groups. Here’s how political groups voted on this key issue:

Voting behaviour – support to European directive on minimum income

The result was similar when we pushed to tackle speculation in the housing market. We secured a majority but some were against action. Even though speculation drives up house prices and makes it impossible for people to live where they want to. Speculation in the housing market means that people with money can buy up properties and resell them for a higher price, making it harder for us to afford anything.

Here you can see how political groups voted on this key issue:

Voting behaviour – countering speculative investment

If, like us, you also want people’s wellbeing to be at the front and centre of our policies, we just need to shift the priorities and take measures to stop the excessive accumulation of wealth in the hands of a tiny minority and to focus on delivering prosperity for all. We want to thrive, not just survive!

If you want a Green and Social Europe, sign up here for one of our posters.