Join us on March 25th for the Global Climate Strike in a city near you!

There are some moments in history when acting is more important than at other times. We’re in exactly one of those moments. Join the Global Climate Strike!

For the past two years the entire world has been challenged by a pandemic. Now a war has broken out right within Europe’s borders. Finally, there is the climate crisis that threatens life on this planet as we know. Yet, it always seems to be put aside in light of more tangible crises.

In this difficult moment of our history, we at Fridays for Future want to transform our depression into action. Let’s turn our anxiety into hope and our fear into courage.

Because there is one thing that gives me hope these days: getting together and feeling the community of the people fighting for change!

Wether you are in Barcelona, Berlin or Milan – will you join us for our next Fridays for Future Global Climate Strike on March 25th?

The climate crisis, a global pandemic and the war – How to act in difficult times

When different crises come together at the same time we have to connect the dots. We have to make the connections and understand that, for example, wars and CO2 emissions are linked. If we were less energy dependent on Russian gas, we could take a stronger position to force Putin to stop the bombing and invasion of Ukraine.

If the air in our cities would have been less polluted, our longues would probably have suffered less from the consequences of Covid-19. So it becomes more evident how life-improving it would be to stop building our societies around the extraction and combustion of oil, coal and gas.

On this year’s global climate strike we want the politicians to hear our message. The climate crisis is the most colossal crisis that humanity has ever had to face because it is so far-reaching. Yet, it involves every area of society, the behaviour of each of us, our economic system and our values. We are at a crossroads in history. We can either sink or improve and live better!

In times of crisis, what role can politics play?

Until now, most of politics has remained deaf to the warnings of scientists. This has caused us to lose precious years of time in combating the climate crisis. Between false promises and greenwashing, politicians have shown us their inability to make urgent and effective decisions to protect future generations from the worst consequences of the climate crisis.

This way of doing politics has brought us one step closer to the climate “point of no return”. This point marks the threshold of emissions not to be exceeded, beyond which a series of unstoppable chain effects would be triggered. One example is that the melting of glaciers and the consequential rise of the sea levels would lead to lasting floods, also in the UK or the Netherlands. So will you join us for our global climate strike in London or Amsterdam?

Fridays for Future: all we ask for is for politicians to act!

Crowd of people in a climate march
Crowd during a climate march

We at Fridays for Future have been asking for a long time for capable and motivated politicians, who know how to make the right choices. Of course those are most of the time not the easy ones. What we need is someone in leadership who knows how to team up with experts and civil society, so that decisions are based on scientifically proven facts. At the same time, those decisions are then shared and accepted by citizens. This is why we ask for courageous politicians to put the common good first, not themselves. Someone who knows how to be a credible guide.

This is why we must take to the streets with a global climate strike to demonstrate the need to abandon fossil fuels. We need to remain united in the battles by finding points of connection and to give a voice to science, which has long remained unheard.

The climate crisis is here – why become a climate activist?

As climate activists, we are first of all humans, with everyday passions and everyday fears.

Are you a person that tries to be informed and has decided to do something about the climate crisis?

Do you fear the worst consequences of climate change such as increasingly devastating fires, food and water shortages, rising sea levels and other extreme events, like the most recent IPCC report suggests?

Are you a person that has a higher sense of inner justice, who wants to fight for those already suffering?

Do you think you can change something and agree that every little bit of everyday activism helps?

Do you sometimes feel like a hero in disguise, because you believe that you can actually make a difference?

If you have answered one or more questions with a YES! then there you are – you are already a climate activist!

Let’s join other climate activists in this Global Climate Strike near you!

I want to become a climate activist – what should I do?

People demonstrating holding a sign
People demonstrating holding a sign

No one is too young to make a difference. No one is too old to have nothing important left to give. That’s why the climate movement is intersectional in each term: social background, sex, ability, age.

Young people are the backbone of the message of change, but this message is addressed to all. The climate crisis is already here and we want to build a better world for everyone. When we think about fixing the climate, we should not only focus on how to avoid a catastrophe. We have to think about how we can take advantage of this gigantic opportunity to improve everyone’s quality of life.

By taking to the streets on March 25 with the global climate strike 2022 we are protesting against the collapse of the planet. For the phasing out of fossil fuels. To be able to breathe cleaner air. We are fighting for more and better jobs, for healthier food and to improve relationships between people. Last but not least, we will be in the streets to fight for peace and against wars fuelled by fossil fuels. We want the fight for the climate to be first and foremost the key to peace between peoples on this planet.

Because there is no peace on a dead planet!

This Friday, in every country of the world we will mobilise together.

See you in the streets!