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Greens/EFA climate campaign

In this new era of “global boiling”, radical climate action is vital. Every day, we see the planet and our way of life deteriorate: flooding, fires, earthquakes destroying people’s homes and lives. The cost of living rising to a point where most of us can’t afford our basic needs and energy…

We need to tackle the climate crisis at the root. It is time to end our societies’ dependence on fossil fuels. A dependence maintained by conservative politicians and backed by companies pillaging the earth and exploiting its people.

Our generation must be the one to end the fossil age

We are prepared to continue taking bold, strong measures towards a complete fossil-fuel phase out and an ambitious shift to renewable energy. 

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The Greens/EFA are active everywhere we can make a change, at national level, across the EU. But also at global climate conferences like COP28.

In this urgent climate crisis, we all have a role to play. Climate activists and young people across the EU have gathered and organised for a long time now. But we are currently facing a strong backlash and even now witnessing a rollback of progress on climate action. We stand up with strength in our conviction that this climate crisis is the fundamental challenge of our times. Only by working together can we build a better planet for all.

The time has come to take back the power and expose the wrong-doers, the green-washers, the deniers and delayers! To rise up against those who put profit over people and lies over science. To stand up to those who do not want the status quo to change and to those who continue to defend the big polluters. We need to make our voices heard, to mobilise, to work every day to improve our laws and regulations. We need to find positive examples of climate action and replicate those in all of our communities. Most of all, we need to build a common vision of a fair and just society for all. 

Here are some examples of what is already being done at the local level to improve people’s lives. Change is not only possible, it’s already happening, and it’s making a positive impact.

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Our common objective is simple: we want to achieve climate neutrality by 2040, which means a complete fossil fuel phase out and a switch to a 100% renewable energy based economy. An economy where everyone has access to renewable and affordable energy. An economy where big polluters are no longer calling all the shots and dominating political decision-making.

One of our first actions once the mandate started was to push for an ambitious European Climate Law. A law would allow the EU to act as one to counter the climate crisis through all necessary means, based in science. 

However, we did not get a positive vote on the necessity to achieve at least -65% GHG emissions reduction by 2030. This led to us having to vote down the final text as we knew the law was not ambitious enough and would have no concrete positive impact. 

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As the Greens/EFA, a lot of our work has been dedicated to directly attack the roots of the climate crisis. We pushed to fix our energy supply system and find ways to reduce GHS drastically. We fought to for the implementation of new laws and possibilities for an actual switch to 100% renewable energy. One that is good for the planet and the people. 

To tackle the climate crisis at the roots, we tried to achieve our objective – a complete fossil fuel phase out – through different ways:

  • Through reducing Co2 emissions

Our Green MEP Ciaran Cuffe led the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. He secured important measures for the renovation of buildings, which make up 40% of Co2 emissions. This will benefit people and the planet! Read more here

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  • Through reducing fossil fuel subsidies: 

The EU keeps on funding fossil fuel projects with public money – we stand together to object this and try to change this practice. We pushed for an objection to the list of Projects of Common Interest which gives money to fossil fuel projects.   

Voting behaviour
  • Through targeting fossil energies: 

In a major decision for the future of the EU, we stood strong to oppose gas and nuclear being deemed as sustainable and receiving public funding. 

Vote to block fossil gas and nuclear in the EU taxonomy

We also pushed for concrete, positive measures for people, through laws and regulations, that would benefit their lives and be based on actual solutions.

With the Electricity Market Design directive, we ensure a a stop to electricity cuts in cases where people are unable to pay their electricity bills due to rising energy prices, and made it easier to produce, use or sell back to the grid electricity from solar panels on roofs or balconies.

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With the Renewable Energy Directive, we pushed for the EU to commit to a renewable energy target up to 42.5% (with a 45% objective), from 32%, by 2030. While we pushed for a more ambitious target of 50%, more in line with science, this is already good progress towards a shift to 100% renewable energy at the European Union level!

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Join us in taking back the power!