US to temporarily suspend intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines - Quotes from Ska Keller & Philippe Lamberts

President Joe Biden announced that the US will temporarily suspend intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines. The Greens/EFA urge for the European Parliament to take a clear position in the next sitting.

The only way out of these crises is to put people and planet at the centre of policy-making

This week’s Social Summit in Porto is a unique opportunity for heads of State to recognise, through firm commitment to ambitious and concrete actions, that the only way out of today’s health, social and environmental crises is to put people and the planet at the centre of all recovery policies. The Summit must recognise that social and environmental sustainability are complementary goals that must be addressed in concert for us to succeed.

Europe welcomes: The role of municipalities in EU's asylum system

Speakers from local governments, faith-organisation networks, NGO communities, migrant-led organisations and institutions will explore the welcoming nature of local communities and municipalities and discuss how municipalities can be better integrated in EU asylum policy.

LIVE EVENT: 12.05.2021

Live Webinar

Join us on 12.05.2021 to discuss experiences of local communities and challenges that should be addressed in future EU asylum policy!

Why we need an internet that works for people and is led by people

In our new study on “community-led online platforms”, we’ve found that strong online communities and a transparent bottom-up approach to moderating content is best for our online safety and our digital rights.

Ending homelessness is not insurmountable, if we work together 

Homelessness is rising in the EU but it is not insurmountable, if European leaders, national governments, local authorities and all stakeholders work together. This is why, with the support of Europe’s biggest cities, over 120 MEPs, Europe’s regions and the main social NGOs, we are calling for the setting of an EU goal to end homelessness at the Porto social summit. Op-ed on behalf of Greens/EFA MEPs Kim Van Sparrentak, Katrin Langensiepen, Ernest Urtasun and Sara Matthieu


Forests are indispensable. They cover 30 percent of the earth’s land area and host 80 percent of the world’s land-based species. Forests provide us with fresh water and oxygen, and are essential for regulating the global climate. We want a world with forests, where we can all breathe and enjoy nature as it should be - unspoiled.

Forests are being devastated at an alarming rate. Every year, we lose an area of forest about the size of Greece. The main reason is the expansion of agriculture. The EU is responsible for around 10 percent of global deforestation through its consumption of products like soya, beef, palm oil and cocoa.


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Time to step up the EU's response to gender-based violence!


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All eyes on the Porto Social Summit


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Reimagining content moderation and safeguarding fundamental rights


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New revelations show Frontex working with Libyan Coast Guard