Deal on stricter air pollution limits: A bitter-sweet victory

The Parliament and the Council have reached an agreement on the Air Quality Directive, which sets new EU-wide action to reduce pollution limits up to 2.5 times lower than current targets by 2030. However, the deal falls short of the limits recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Death of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny

Greens/EFA are deeply saddened to hear about the tragic passing of Alexei Navalny. His death marks a dark day for Russia and he will be sorely missed. Sadly, Navalny joins the long list of critics of the Russian regime who have died after standing up to the corruption and kleptocracy of Vladimir Putin.

Without farmers, there’s no food

Farmers work hard to provide us with food. Day in, day out, with hardly any holidays or breaks. We all know that - and that is why they deserve to earn a decent income.

Right now, farmers are in distress. The profiteering in our food-system has reached its limits, with powerful agri-companies and supermarket chains making billions while most farmers struggle to make ends meet.

Politicians that pretend there is a contradiction between nature and farming are trying to hide their own failure. They are lying. There is no contradiction - farming and nature can only work hand in hand. Farmers know that in their hearts. And it is up to us to make that possible.

Debriefing of the February I plenary session

Greens/EFA priorities for the plenary week included EU 2040 Climate Targets, farmers' protests, GMOs, Russian interference, rule of law and media freedom in Greece, support to Ukraine, quality traineeships in the EU, Norway's seabed mining in the Arctic and the EU’s priorities for the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Greens/EFA call on Commission and Council to fix EU’s broken agricultural policies

Members of the European Parliament will debate Empowering farmers and rural communities. It is clear that the EU’s agricultural policies are broken. Those who work to keep this broken system alive pretend to care about farmers. The Greens/EFA have long called for a complete reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and was the only political group to vote no to the CAP.

MEPs call for action on rule of law & media freedom

The European Parliament has just voted on a resolution on media freedom and the rule of law in Greece. The situation in Greece is getting progressively worse. The EPP Group has been attempting to block a vote on Greece in the European Parliament.

EU 2040 climate target: Green/EFA push for phasing out all fossil fuels to make the EU climate neutral by 2040

The Commission presented their proposed 2040 climate target for the EU. It includes a 90 percent reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2040. The Greens/EFA Group is calling for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions reduction by the year 2040. The Commission is expected to present draft legislation at a later stage.

Greens/EFA call for a new strong pesticides reduction proposal

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the withdrawal of the Sustainable use of Pesticides Regulation (SUR). The Greens/EFA call for a new strong proposal and will be pushing to see this proposal back on the agenda ahead of the elections.

Saskia Bricmont Anna Cavazzini
Opinion by Saskia Bricmont & Anna Cavazzini

The EU-Mercosur deal would be a setback for people and planet - let’s put it in the past

In 2024, it's time to move on from the unfair and unsustainable trade deal that the EU has been pursuing with Mercosur countries.

Fighting for a humane EU Migration Pact

We continue to tragically lose lives in the Mediterranean sea and on EU shores. People are suffering while seeking safety and protection in EU countries. Read more about the Greens/EFA Group's fight for a humane Migration Pact.