Greens/EFA co-Presidents calls on the Parliament to ban access of Russian state-affiliated lobbyists

"Ending Russian influence in Europe starts at home, which is why we kindly urge the Parliament to immediately revoke the accreditation of Russian state-affiliated entities - like Gazprom, Rusatom, Lukoil & others - to the Parliament.” said Ska Keller and Philippe Lamberts in a letter addressed to EP President Roberta Metsola.

War in Ukraine: War crimes must be prosecuted

War crimes in Ukraine and criminal prosecution will be debated by Members of the European Parliament. The debate will be followed by a vote on a resolution calling for support to the International Criminal Court in gathering evidence and prosecution, close cooperation with Ukrainian civil society and prosecution of sexual violence, gender-based violence and environmental crimes. A large cross-party majority is expected.

Greens/EFA MEPs write to EU Commission on minimum tax

On 19 May, the European Parliament passed its opinion on the directive on minimum effective taxation by a large majority. Greens/EFA can no longer accept that the implementation of the internationally agreed OECD pillar 2 is watered down and delayed in the Union because of individual Member States who put their narrow interests before the common good of the citizens.

REPowerEU: Commission takes step towards ending dependence on Russian oil and gas

The European Commission presented the REPowerEU package of proposals on how to make the EU independent of fossil fuels, in particular from Russia. The Greens/EFA Group welcome legal and binding measures for more renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as the proposed legal obligation to install solar energy on all new public and commercial buildings bigger than 250sqm by 2026, and on all new residential buildings by 2029.

Stand with Ukraine: Let's stop fuelling war!

Europe's addiction to gas and oil from Russia funds Putin’s war in Ukraine. It's now more urgent than ever to make the EU energy independent!

We need a renovation revolution. Time to insulate homes, to save energy, and to accelerate our transition into renewable energy so we immediately reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

We must end this energy dependency and accelerate to a 100% renewable economy.

By doing so, we help the people of Ukraine fight for their freedom.

Show your support for Ukraine and spread the message.

Conference on the Future of Europe

Citizens made their voice heard. The Conference on the Future of Europe asked for the opinion and recommendations from 800 citizens from all over the Union. The last 8 months citizens have worked tirelessly and delivered 178 recommendations for the future of Europe. At the forefront of participative democracy, the Greens/EFA listened to citizens, and we have set out our positions on each recommendation.


Find our updates and demands on how to help the people in the Ukraine now here

Stop the greenwashing of nuclear power and gas!

While the negotiations of the EU’s “Fit-for-55” climate package are in progress, a fatal decision is looming. The climate neutrality and sustainability of Europe's energy supply is at stake. Specifically: New nuclear and gas power plants are to be classified as “sustainable investments”. This would mean that gas and nuclear energy would be painted green and cash floodgates would be opened for these energy sources. It would send the EU’s climate and energy policy on a completely wrong path!

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Young people on a balcony / CC0 devin-avery
Young people on a balcony / CC0 devin-avery

Mental health is wealth - so why do Europe’s youth have neither?


Frontex: EU Parliament refuses 2020 Frontex budget discharge


Woman holding a sign during a Ukraine protest / CC0 markus-spiske
Woman holding a sign during a Ukraine protest / CC0 markus-spiske

"Missiles were flying right over my head" - a young woman's story of living in the war in Ukraine


Pegasus: Greens/EFA demand immediate clarification of the spying scandal