Green Tech Talk: new digital economy for workers, consumers & the environment

Join us for an inspiring exchange with key stakeholders on how Europe can pave the way  to a green digital economy that benefits workers, consumers and the environment. This discussion is taking place after the European Commission has announced a legislative initiative on the right to repair for September this year.

Our final chance to stop the greenwashing in the EU taxonomy

We just took a major step towards stopping the EU taxonomy from labelling fossil gas and nuclear energy as “sustainable”. In one final push, we need everyone to share our petition to stop this EU taxonomy.

Resilience and Resistance - a case study

Acting in solidarity with migrants and refugees in the EU has been difficult for years. Our study found that between January 2021 and March 2022, no less than 89 people have been criminalised for helping migrants and refugees. The EU must take immediate action to fight against the crackdown on solidarity and prevent the criminalisation of humanitarian assistance.

Member States should support clear & credible path to EU accession for Ukraine, Moldova & Western Balkans

European Union heads of state and government will meet at the European Council Summit in Brussels to discuss among other things Ukraine’s prospective candidacy for EU membership. The Greens/EFA Group strongly believes that Ukraine, Moldova and the Western Balkans should be given a credible and clear path to membership.

Stand with Ukraine: Let's stop fuelling war!

Europe's addiction to gas and oil from Russia funds Putin’s war in Ukraine. It's now more urgent than ever to make the EU energy independent!

We need a renovation revolution. Time to insulate homes, to save energy, and to accelerate our transition into renewable energy so we immediately reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

We must end this energy dependency and accelerate to a 100% renewable economy.

By doing so, we help the people of Ukraine fight for their freedom.

Show your support for Ukraine and spread the message.



Find our updates and demands on how to help Ukraine


Picture of an industrial site at sunset, emitting clouds, with mountains in the background.

Fossil Alliance fails to crush climate action but more ambition needed


Image of a wetland

Nature restoration to bring back bees & bird song


Loss for rule of law with Polish RRP plan approved