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The GREENS/EFA are a driving force in European politics. Check our new website to discover what we achieved during the last five years and what we will keep on fighting for during the next legislative period  in order to defend your interests and your rights across Europe.

Plenary Flash 22 - 25 April 2024

On the agenda this week: Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Gender Based Violence Directive, EU Forced Labour Regulation, Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, Right to Repair & Ecodesign, Economic governance reform, Hungary, ...

Greens/EFA Group statement on the passing of Josep Maria Terricabras

The Greens/EFA Group are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Josep Maria Terricabras, former EFA Group President and Greens/EFA MEP (2014-2019).

Alternatives for a fair and sustainable partnership between the EU and Mercosur: scenarios and guidelines

It is clear to us that we need to pursue another partnership between the EU and Mercosur: a fair and sustainable partnership that puts people and the planet first. How can we achieve this? We commissioned this study to open the discussion on a new, forward-looking approach, and a much-needed paradigm-shift.

MEPs call for EU to recognise abortion as fundamental right

Members of the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for abortion to be included in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The report also denounces that some Member States still have highly restrictive laws prohibiting abortion except in strictly defined circumstances.

Eating Greens

We have put together this delicious cookery book. It contains 50 favourite recipes from Greens/EFA Members of European Parliament and invites you to try them yourself. There are also practical tips on food waste and EU agricultural policy explained for everyone.

Greens/EFA condemns Commission and MEPs’ attempts to re-open Common Agricultural Policy

MEPs will vote on the urgent procedure requested by the Agriculture Committee to hurriedly re-open the newly-implemented and painfully-negotiated Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), following the Commission’s proposal of 15 March 2024. This will make exemptions and widen derogations to the CAP’s environmental conditionality rules.

Without farmers, there’s no food

Farmers work hard to provide us with food. Day in, day out, with hardly any holidays or breaks. We all know that - and that is why they deserve to earn a decent income.

Right now, farmers are in distress. The profiteering in our food-system has reached its limits, with powerful agri-companies and supermarket chains making billions while most farmers struggle to make ends meet.

Politicians that pretend there is a contradiction between nature and farming are trying to hide their own failure. They are lying. There is no contradiction - farming and nature can only work hand in hand. Farmers know that in their hearts. And it is up to us to make that possible.


Two women facing security cameras mounted on wall above / CC0 Matthew Henry
Two women facing security cameras mounted on wall above / CC0 Matthew Henry