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Digitising Europe’s Industry

FOLLOW THE EVENT LIVE REGISTRATION CLOSED 14h00 Registration and entry into European Parliament 14h30 Welcome and introductory remarks Reinhard Bütikofer, MEP (Greens/EFA) 14h40 Keynote speech Commissioner Oettinger, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society 15h00  Q&A 15h20 Digitisin...
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Mirror Mirror - Drych Drych

The Greens/EFA and Creatives without Borders present Drych Drych – Mirror Mirror, an international art exhibition exploring how collective memory and perception endures through attitudes towards 'the Other’. Curated by Zsuzsanna Ardó, the exhibition was featured 5-9 Sep...
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Searching for a new narrative

A number of experts and policymakers will discuss how democratic societies should deal with radicalisation.
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Revision of type approval legislation

This conference will deal with the independence and proper functioning of type-approval authorities and technical services; the market surveillance and withdrawal of cars and also about making data and decisions more transparent
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Tax is a feminist issue!

There is a unanimous concern among activists, experts and academics on the gender bias of tax systems, and, furthermore, on how the contemporary tax reforms may increase the incidence of taxation on the poorest women.
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When we were the refugees

Hosted by MEPs: Ernest Maragall, Josep-Maria Terricabras, Jordi Sebastià Agenda 18.30 - 18.40   Welcome     Jordi Sebastià, MEP Greens/EFA 18.40 - 19.30   Dialogue I. The story of the Maternity hospital at Elne Screening of documentary "The maternity hospital at E...
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'Solutions exist everywhere in the world'. Greens/EFA organise the public screening of the film "DEMAIN" with the presence of director Cyril Dion in the European Parliament in Brussels. Register now
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The Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing

Greens/EFA co-presidents Rebecca Harms and Philippe Lamberts present the key issues of the plenary session and of the European agenda for the Greens/EFA group
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European Accessibility Act (EAA)

Around 80 million people in the EU are affected by a disability in some degree. The purpose of this conference is to have practical demonstrations of the difficulties faced by disabled people when accessing products and services, and to discuss concrete proposals for our work in IMCO regarding the draft directive.
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Respecting Linguistic Diversity?

Respecting linguistic diversity? Language Discrimination in the European Union You will be able to follow the event live (player below) CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Hosts: GUE-NGL and EFA-Greens in partnership with ELEN. Interpretation. Irish, Welsh, Catalan, Spanish, French, English. Backgrou...