Let’s seize the unique opportunity the Conference on the Future of Europe is offering us to work towards a more democratic, more resilient, more socially just, more innovative, more efficient, fairer and greener Europe.

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A stronger European democracy

We call for the creation of a joint European constituency, for democratic standards for elections all across the EU, more rights for the European Parliament, turning the Council into a normal co-legislating second chamber and stronger citizens’ participartion tools.

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Reshaping Our Economy with a Sustainable investment Fund to invest in a sustainable and social transition

We demand that the Recovery and Resilience Fund is made permanent and turned into a Sustainable Investment Fund integrated in the Union framework under the European budget, with co-decision or full Parliamentary involvement. This fund should among other things contribute to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest and build an energy efficient and 100% renewable energy-based economy, without nuclear or gas.

Unblocking Europe’s foreign and fiscal politics

We want decisions in all policy areas and on all budgetary dossiers to be taken by the ordinary legislative procedure and a deep reform of the Union’s macroeconomic governance to counter structural imbalances and adverse economic shocks.

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A Europe that protects fundamental rights and that stands up for an inclusive society

We call for the strengthening of all instruments to protect rights and values and for the introduction of a pillar of rights enshrined in primary law that would apply also to the actions of Member States. We also believe that the EU should set up a European statute for civil society organizations to protect their activities all across the EU and that a surveillance moratorium should be introduced.

A Feminist Recovery: Equal pay for work of equal value

The European economy in a post-Covid world has to be built on fair socio-economic foundations. In order to ensure that, the EU has to take a more ambitious role in the way to end pay discrimination by ensuring binding measure for equal pay for work of equal value, pay transparency and gendermainstreaming.

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Solidarity that does not stop with EU Citizenship

Migration policy should shift from a policy of deterrence to a policy of safe and legal opportunities. A permanent mechanism to fairly allocate asylum seekers, based on a two-stage system with positive incentives should be implemented and a holistic European Migration Code, which addresses the vulnerabilities migrant workers face should be adopted.

Combating inequality with a fair and just taxation system and decent minimum living wages

The post-covid European economy should be based on tax and social justice, which can be ensured by harmonisation of corporate and environmental tax policies, establishing minimum taxation levels and preventing tax havens.

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Protecting our environment with a fair and sustainable agriculture that protects animal welfare

We want a new fair and sustainable CAP to change the general structure of farming in Europe, giving priority to small and ecological farming, restoring biodiversity and fostering animal welfare.

A strong European voice on the global scene

The EU’s external policy must strengthen solidarity between democracies and work with like-minded countries to push back against authoritarian and hegemonic ambitions. Our trade policy must be conditional on the values of the Union. Europe must continue to offer the Western Balkans a European perspective and pursue its accession talks and enlargement processes with the Western Balkans countries.

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Erasmus for all

We want to further extend Erasmus+ into a scheme allowing all European citizens, regardless of their academic background or activity, to spend at least one year in another Member State with an adequate grant.

European Unity in diversity

We advocate for the ratification of the European Charter of Regional and Minority Languages by all Member States, for an official recognition, promotion and use of regional, minority and lesser-used languages and for the right to self-determination to be protected in the EU.

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Strengthen citizens’ awareness, combat foreign interference and shape digital future

Media literacy, reliable protection against cyber threats and political parties’ transparency have to become pillars of the future European society. The European Democracy Action Plan should be followed up by legislation and increased financial support for actions in the field of cybersecurity.

Guaranteeing access to healthcare for all citizens

Subsidies and patents rights must be linked with obligations to disclose the costs of developments for new medicines and to provide medicine in sufficient and resilient manner. EU agencies for the supervision of pharmaceutical producers must be strengthened to coordinate publicly funded research in the public interest and fight monopoly misuse. Europe must also work towards minimum standards to guarantee access to healthcare for everyone living in the EU.

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Setting up a strong EU industrial strategy

We call for a comprehensive relocation and diversification strategy, in order to enable employment, intelligence and know-how in a green and carbon-neutral industrial sector.