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Opinion |

EU GMO rules are under attack - and with them our food, our health and our environment

Benoît Biteau Eleonora Evi Martin Häusling Tilly Metz Michèle Rivasi Thomas Waitz Sarah Wiener
Opinion by Benoît Biteau & Eleonora Evi & Martin Häusling & Tilly Metz & Michèle Rivasi & Thomas Waitz & Sarah Wiener
The European Commission is trying to weaken the EU’s regulations on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It plans to exclude some GMOs from the regulations. Like this, agricultural corporations could market them without GMO authorisation, traceability or labelling.
People renovating a building / CC0 bianca-sbircea-constantin
Opinion |

A Right to Decent Housing: Why we need an EU-led removal of asbestos now

Sara Matthieu
Opinion by Sara Matthieu
Asbestos is often perceived as a problem of the past, but this harmful and largely invisible substance is still hiding in many buildings across the EU. We are calling for an ambitious renovation wave throughout Europe that includes the removal of asbestos in homes and buildings.
Woman and man making victory sign/ CC0 priscilla-du-preez
Opinion |

Show us the money! Here’s how pay transparency can close the gender pay gap

Kira Peter-Hansen
Opinion by Kira Peter-Hansen
Equal pay for equal work has been a feminist goal for decades, but how can we know what we’re achieving if companies can keep pay packets a secret? Right now, the European Parliament is taking great strides towards gender equality by demanding full pay transparency – and the Greens/EFA are leading the way.
Samos Camp ©MSF/Dora Vangi
Opinion |

One year after the EU migration pact, a better future for refugees?

Damian Boeselager
Opinion by Damian Boeselager
A year ago, the European Commission published its proposals for a new Pact on Migration and Asylum. But the last 12 months have painfully highlighted the shortcomings in the EU’s approach on asylum. Read more about what needs to change, and which solutions we propose.
Man holding beetroots/ CC0 heather-gill
Opinion |

How the Farm to Fork Strategy can Fix our Food System

Tilly Metz Sarah Wiener
Opinion by Tilly Metz & Sarah Wiener
As the food and farming arm of the European Green Deal, the Farm to Fork strategy aims to push forward the ongoing sustainable transformation of food systems, whilst ensuring fair economic returns for farmers. Despite the backlash from certain industries, can the Farm to Fork Strategy actually fix our food system?
Women in a climate march/ CC0 hello-i-m-nik
Opinion |

Get active for the climate this summer

Get active for the climate this summer: join us at a climate camp near you! Climate camps are used for nonviolent action for people to meet, train, exchange ideas and strategize for climate action.
Opinion |

Fighting for a welcoming Europe

“You can really set something in motion by simply showing an interest.” writes Kristina Koch, a journalist and refugee worker at the organisation Willkommen in Nippes, in Cologne. She tells us the story of Thaer Jafar, a Syrian refugee with an incredible talent, and reminds us that small gestures can make a world of difference.
Child holding a balloon during a climate march/ CC0 Mika Baumeister
Opinion |

Are we fit for 2030?

It’s been called Fit for 55, Fit for 1.5 and now Fit for 2030. EU jargon aside, this new EU climate package is about our future on a liveable planet and finding a fair way to get there.
Opinion |

Italy needs a green recovery

Ignazio Corrao Rosa D’Amato Eleonora Evi Piernicola Pedicini
Opinion by Ignazio Corrao & Rosa D’Amato & Eleonora Evi & Piernicola Pedicini
Despite some good last-minute changes, the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan greenlit by the European Commission still seems unable to face the challenges ahead of Italy after COVID-19, write Greens/EFA Italian MEPs, Rosa D’Amato, Ignazio Corrao, Eleonora Evi and Piernicola Pedicini. We need a path that leads towards a more sustainable…
Opinion |

Short haul flights are a luxury the planet can’t afford

Ciarán Cuffe
Opinion by Ciarán Cuffe
Aviation is exempt from paying fuel tax and receives massive benefits in public funding, despite being the most polluting form of transport. It’s the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gases, in large part caused by unnecessary short-haul flights. It’s time to stop aviation’s preferential treatment and invest in sustainable travel, writ…