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Greens/EFA Round up

Debriefing of the Strasbourg plenary week 26-29 October 2015

Greens/EFA priorities for the Brussels plenary included EP tax investigation; preventing the trade in torture products; strengthening the European citizens' initiative; refugee crisis and EU governments' response; Diesel gate and the EU car pollution rules; A real end to roaming and protection of net neutrality; Commission work programme and better regulation; Gender equality at the European Court of Justice; Reforming GMO food and feed authorisations in Europe; EU air pollution rules; Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought.


Car pollution

Cars allowed to exceed EU pollution limits under scandalous decision by EU governments

EU governments today approved a new testing procedure for car pollutant emissions under the EU's so-called 'comitology' regulatory process (1). While the test is being described as a 'real driving emissions' test, it would include loopholes allowing cars which exceed the pollutan...

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Car pollution scandal

European Parliament calls for EU to step up its response to 'dieselgate'

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution setting out its main demands in response to the scandal regarding car pollutant emissions from Volkswagen and other car manufacturers. Commenting after the vote, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said: "The European Parliament has today ...

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Car pollution scandal

Latest case shows systemic failure in regulation must be urgently addressed

Commenting on the latest allegations in Germany that a new car manufacturer, Opel, may have also falsified pollutant emissions data, according to research by a Swiss institute (1), Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said: "This latest scandal underlines that this is a sector-wide problem ...

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Stop carmakers evading pollution laws

Ensure all cars pollutant emissions are tested based on real driving conditions in Europe

The 'diesel gate' scandal has showed the lengths car manufacturers are willing to go to avoid pollution limiting laws in Europe and beyond. The Greens are pushing for a proper EU investigation of the scandal, with consequences for car makers found to have broken EU laws and for national authorities...

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Transport, energy and biodiversity – EFA Group visit to Valencia

Transport, energy and biodiversity were the focus of a visit to Valencia by a delegation of MEPs from the European Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament. The visit was organised and led by EFA's Valencian MEP Jordi Sebastià of Compromís. Compromís (or Commitment in English) is a pro...


Transport policy and climate agenda (COP 21)


A Greens/EFA conference

This conference will deal with the impact of the different means of transport on our climate. What are the lessons to be learned on testing emissions from cars ? Do we still underestimate the impact of the air sector on the atmosphere and greenhouse gas emissions?


Emission measurements in the automotive sector

Greens/EFA motion for resolution

Tabled by Bas Eickhout, Karima Delli, Benedek Jávor, Jean Lambert, Ernest Maragall, Jordi Sebastià, Molly Scott Cato, Keith Taylor, Claude Turmes on behalf of the Greens/EFA Group   The European Parliament, –  having regard to the question to the Commissio...

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COP21 - The EU cannot afford to fail a second time

Vote in the European Parliament

Tomorrow, the European Parliament is to debate and vote on a report on the international climate agreement that is to be sealed in Paris at the COP21 in December. While the mood has changed since the last key summit that took place in Copenhagen 6 years ago, the EU cannot afford to miss the boat on another key event within its borders


Greens/EFA Round up

Debriefing of the Strasbourg plenary week 5-8 October 2015

Greens/EFA priorities for the Brussels plenary included, car pollution rules in Europe after the Volkswagen scandal; air pollution and industrial emissions rules; Hollande and Merkel; Turkey's worrying escalation; Syria; EU payment service rules; Corporate tax avoidance, rulings and the EU response; Data, privacy rights and the Facebook ruling; EU railway rules.