Travel diary - Rebecca Harms, Greens/EFA Co-President's visit to Eastern Europe

Building the Green fight back against fossil and nuclear energy

What an intense week: Warsaw, Katowice, Prague, Paks and Budapest. Many wonderful encounters, interesting conversations and events. In all three countries I visited during my Central Europe tour (27th to 31st October) I met committed, highly motivated Greens. They are the ones we need in these decis...


Energy subsidies

Oettinger's shameful massaging of figures cannot hide truth on distorting coal and nuclear subsidies

The European Commission is set to present a report today on the situation with regard to public subsidies for energy in Europe. The Greens hit out at the intervention by EU energy commissioner Oettinger to change the Commission’s own findings, with a few to masking the level of aid received by nuc...

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Brussels Agenda

Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 4 - 8 November 2013

Greens/EFA priorities for the week include Limiting CO2 emissions from vans, Reducing the use of plastic bags, Forcing through GMO authorisations, A pollinator-friendly agricultural model: the way forward, Nuclear Transparency Watch: launch of a European civil society initiative to improve nuclear safety and transparency

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Energy subsidies

Oettinger must not be allowed to hide the truth about distorting coal and nuclear subsidies

The European Commission is set to present a report on the situation with regard to state aid for energy in Europe. Ahead of the presentation, the Greens have expressed concern about reported pressure from EU energy commissioner Oettinger to change the Commission’s own findings, to play down the le...


State aid for nuclear power

Commission indicates no change in EU state aid rules

The European Commission yesterday indicated it would not come forward with proposals to change EU rules on state aid rules, with a view to facilitating state aid for nuclear power as had been mooted (1) The Greens welcomed the outcome of the Commission's orientation debate, with Greens/EFA co-presid...

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New EU rules governing state subsidies for energy

Full speed ahead back to nuclear power!

The European Commission is preparing to review the guidelines for state aid in the energy sector. Even though the Commission's proposals will probably only be unveiled after the German Bundestag election on 22 September, the Greens have already obtained a draft version of the new rules. This draft t...

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International Release: The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013


Video of the press conference

The Greens/EFA in the European Parliament will host the international release of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report, elaborated by a team of six experts from France, Japan and the UK under the direction of renowned nuclear expert Mycle Schneider. The Greens-EFA and the Heinrich-Böll Foundation US are co-sponsors of the project.


World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013

Key findings of the 2013 edition include:a record drop of nuclear electricity generation in the world in 2012 ++ Rapid aging of nuclear power plants: almost half of the world fleet has operated for at least 30 years ++ In 2012, for the first time, China, Germany, India and Japan generated more power from renewables than from nuclear plants ++ Water management at the Fukushima site is critical, with an estimated 400,000 tons in precarious storage, containing many times more radioactivity than was released to the air in the weeks after 11 March 2011.


World nuclear industry status report

Evidence points to steady decline of nuclear power industry worldwide

The Greens/EFA group today presented the new edition of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report (1) at the European Parliament. The report shows a record drop in nuclear electricity generation in the world in 2012 as well as rapid ageing of nuclear power plants. Commenting on the findings, Rebecca...

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State Aid for nuclear

Giving public support to an expensive technology failure?

The UK government has been since months in lengthy negotiations with the French energy provider EDF, over subsidy payments for planned nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C. These public subsidies, known as Contracts for Difference (CfD) are meant to cover the financing costs of the project, and need ...


Greens/EFA Round-up

Debriefing of the plenary week Strasbourg 10-14 June 2013

Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg Plenary included asylum seekers, EU's housing crisis, rules on infant and baby food, Schengen, accounting transparency for extractive industries, illegal fishing, EU budget and the future framework, problematic EU passenger data rules, Turkey's worrying democratic backslide, nuclear safety and EU rules

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Nuclear safety

Underwhelming proposals an excuse to prolong ageing nuclear reactors' lifespan

The European Commission is today set to present long-awaited plans for revising EU rules on nuclear safety. The Greens expressed regret at the major shortcomings in the proposal, with Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms stating: "Today's proposals to revise EU nuclear safety legislation are s...

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