Road Transport

Road charging rules (Eurovignette)

Missed opportunity means trucks will fail to fully pay their way

The European Parliament today voted on a final agreement, revising EU legislation on road charging for heavy goods vehicles (the so-called Eurovignette). The Greens have called the legislative revision a missed opportunity for failing to truly include environmental and climate change costs in road c...

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No Sustainable Resources without new own resources

Greens/EFA position paper

The EU is facing a major economic and social crisis, together with the food, energy and climate crises, which are multiple manifestations of the limits of our model of development and the mechanisms that support it. The current debt crisis has led Member States to curb public spending and propose au...


EU Cohesion Fund in Poland

Commission must oppose Poland's plans to transfer € 1.2 billion of EU funds from rail to road projects

The Polish government plans to get serious with its announcement to transfer EU cohesion funds under the Programme "Infrastructure and Environment" from rail to road projects. As excuse, it cites delays with co-financed railway projects. The monitoring committee responsible has approved th...

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Eva Lichtenberger

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e-fa News Round-Up February 2011

News bulletin from the European Free Alliance Group

The European Free Alliance (EFA) draws together political parties fighting for democracy and self-determination for the stateless nations and regions of Europe. European Free Alliance MEPs sit in a European parliamentary group with the Greens, making up the fourth largest group in the European parl...


Korea trade agreement

MEPs approve far-reaching FTA, endorsing environmental loopholes for European gas guzzlers

The European Parliament today gave its approval to a controversial free trade agreement with South Korea. The Greens have expressed concerns about the far-reaching nature of the agreement, including provisions under which Korean car emissions rules have been manipulated to allow European car makers ...

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New rights for bus and coach passengers welcomed

An EFA press release by Ian Hudghton MEP -Scottish National Party

SNP MEP and Party President Ian Hudghton has welcomed today's vote in the European Parliament to improve the rights of bus and coach passengers.  The SNP MEP said that the new EU law would be particularly important for improving services for disabled users of bus and coach services.  The n...


EU traffic rules

Transport ministers fall short of ensuring full cross-border enforcement of traffic rules

EU transport ministers today reached an agreement on new EU legislation on the cross-border enforcement of traffic rules. This agreement will now be subject to negotiations with the European Parliament. The Greens regretted that the agreed rules were not more effective and urged MEPs to work to stre...

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Transport rights

Bus passengers to get short shrift under deal on new EU passenger rights rules

An agreement was hurriedly forced through by the European Parliament and Council last night on new EU rules setting out rights for bus passengers (1). Green MEPs expressed disappointment with the deal, which falls far short of guaranteeing necessary rights for bus passenger. Commenting on the outcom...

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Future of Transport


Reinventing the Wheel or Reinventing the Policy ?

How to design and promote a more sustainable mobility? How to more effectively harness already existing tools and technologies? How can the EU’s future transport policy accelerate much needed progress in this domain? This conference is a chance to hear the views and exchange ideas with other European players on approaches and solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing transport today.

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Heavy goods vehicles get easy ride as transport ministers agree on environmental road charging

EU transport ministers today reached agreement on revising European rules on the charging of heavy goods vehicles (Eurovignette). Green MEPs welcomed the introduction of environmental charging for the first time under EU legislation but expressed disappointment that the agreement fails to take accou...

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