Women's Rights

Women in business

EP calls for increased share of women on company boards or mandatory EU quotas

The European Parliament today adopted a report on women in business, calling on businesses to increase the number of women in leading positions or face EU quotas. After the vote, Green MEP Marije Cornelissen said: "The current situation where only 12% of board members and 3% of CEO's of big com...

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Greening the labour market


A conference about green jobs in Europe

In the context of the European Commission Green Paper on green jobs, the conference will deal with issues such as the promotion of a socially just transition as well as green jobs for women. Good practices examples will be presented

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Pregnant Workers Directive

Plaid MEP condemns UK government for blocking improved maternity leave

The ConDem UK Government is reported to be amongst a number of EU states trying to block new EU legislation to improve maternity leave. On Friday (17 June) EU ministers meeting in Brussels are set to discuss the Pregnant Workers Directive. The new law was approved by the European Parliament last Oc...


International Women’s Day

Rebecca Harms

100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

27784.50 years of womens rights in the eu

International Women's Day - EU must do more to tackle inequality

EFA press release

On International Women's Day (Tuesday 8 March) MEPs Jill Evans (Wales) and Frieda Brepoels (Flanders) are calling for more focussed action at EU level to tackle inequality and eliminate poverty. The European Parliament in Strasbourg held a special debate to mark the 100th anniversary of Internation...


Women's rights

Country briefings

The Greens/EFA have decided to implement a tool for their colleagues and for the citizens: country briefings about women's rights. The aim of this action is to encourage the Members of the European Parliament taking part in the inter-parliamentary meetings to put women's rights on their agenda.

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No more killing of women!


Time to put words into action

As the political will to fight feminicide has been clearly stated, this is the moment to take stock of its implementation. This is the aim of the 4th Conference on Feminicide and the subsequent Strategy Meeting co-organised by the Greens/EFA and the Heinrich Böll Foundation.


Essay contest 'Women and climate change'

Call for papers deadline 1 June

At first glance, it might seem unintuitive to link climate change and gender issues. However, climate change and climate impacts are not gender neutral. Gender equality is a critical component of responses to climate change at all levels. That's why the Greens/EFA launch an essay contest on this crucial issue

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Women for transformation


Joint hearing

In the recent weeks women of all ages have played an important part in the social movement against despotism and corruption. However, despite their significant contribution to bringing about change, they may be left out of future decision-making processes. It is now up to Europe to support them and to ensure that their voices will continue to be heard.


Maternity rules

Greens welcome EP vote to raise EU standards minimum maternity and paternity leave

The European Parliament today voted on a legislative proposal to revise EU rules on the health and safety of pregnant workers, including provisions for minimum maternity and paternity leave (Estrela report). Green MEPs welcomed the vote, which would strengthen EU rules on minimum maternity leave, pr...

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Gender Equality and the Crisis

European Parliament speaks for the first time on women and the crisis

The European Parliament today adopted a report on the gender aspects of the financial and economic crisis. Raül Romeva, vice-president of the Greens/EFA group and author of the report, commented after the vote: " This is an important day for many millions of women in Europe because for the fir...

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Equal treatment

EP vote will stengthen EU rules on equal treatment for self-employed men and women but falls short on key issues

Today the European Parliament voted in favour of a compromise agreement revising EU rules on the equal treatment of self-employed men and women (1). Following the vote, Green/ICV MEP Raül Romevasaid: "Today's vote will help strengthen EU rules on the equal treatment of self-empl...