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SNP MEP on 'Unrealistic' EU budget proposals

SNP MEP and Party President Ian Hudghton has described today's proposed 6.8% increase in the EU budget as unrealistic and unworkable in the current economic climate. The European Commission today announced proposals to increase the European Union budget to around 138bn euros in 2013, up from 129bn t...
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EU staff regulation reforms

The lead European Parliament legal affairs committee today voted on the proposed reform of the EU staff regulations, the rules governing the employment of EU officials. The Greens voted against the final report due to the failure to introduce a progressive levy on the salaries of higher-earning EU...
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Press release |

EU budget 2013

The European Commission today outlined its proposals for the EU budget for 2013, including plans for a 2% increase in commitments and a 6.8% increase in payments (1). Commenting on the proposals, Green budgetary spokesperson Helga Trüpel (MEP, Germany) stated: "Today's proposals will doubtless...
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Video |

Financing of ITER

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Brussels Agenda

Highlights of the week for the Greens/EFA include EP committee votes on mobile phone roaming, equal pay for equal work, taxing financial transactions, resource efficiency, reform of EU staff regulations. Other EU priorities are the 2013 EU budget, PNR and Schengen
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Press release |

ITER nuclear fusion funding

The European Parliament today voted in favour of a deal, giving the go-ahead for the release of the first tranche of additional funding for budget of ITER nuclear fusion project, totalling €650 million for 2012. The Greens have criticised the decision to allocate additional public funds to the ITE...
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Structural funds for crisis hit countries

The European Parliament today adopted a legislative agreement aimed at making the use of EU structural funds easier in EU member states in fiscal difficulties and in receipt of rescue funds. Under the plans, crisis countries could use parts of their EU funds to mobilise increased loan fina...
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Strasbourg Flash

Greens/EFA priorities for next week's Strasbourg Plenary include the humanitarian crisis in Syria, shifting the focus from austerity in the eurozone crisis and easing access to structural funds, the passenger data agreement with the US, energy and carbon taxation, a common coporate tax base, the ever expanding ITER budget, preserving Sche…
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Financial transaction tax and EU budget own resources

EU budget commissioner Lewandowski today outlined proposals in the context of the forthcoming Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), including plans to use part of the revenue from an EU-wide financial transaction tax (FTT) to fund the EU budget. The Commission was presenting its proposals at a high...
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Funding the Green New Deal

As Europe, and much of the developed world, continues to grapple with the ongoing debt crisis, it must not be forgotten that the most pressing threat facing us is climate change. This report examines how we can make the necessary investment in a Green economy within the confines of the debt crisis.