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Green light for new flagship programme

The Greens/EFA group has welcomed a breakthrough in the negotiations over the EU’s flagship solidarity programme, European Solidarity Corps. The Council had originally refused to provide fresh funds to make the programme viable in the current budget period. However, after consistent pressure from the European Parliament, the Council final…
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"Link tax" and upload filters will cause huge damage to free internet

The European Parliament's Legal Affairs committee voted to largely approve the Commission's proposed directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. The Greens/EFA group voted against, citing concerns that the proposals will restrict how internet users can participate online.
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EU sets global standard for fundamental rights, consumer protection and fair competition

The law will be directly applicable throughout the European Union from Friday 25 May 2018. The rules apply to companies, whether they are established inside or outside the European Union.
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70549 language diversity
Press release |

Action to end language inequality in Europe

Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans today presents her draft report on ‘Language equality in the digital age’ to the European Parliament’s Culture and Education Committee. The report identifies the issues facing minority and lesser-used languages in Europe. English is currently the most ...
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Terry Reintke to submit #MeToo petition to President of the European Parliament

To mark International Women’s Day (Thursday 8th March), Greens/EFA MEP Terry Reintke will submit a petition to the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani.
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New regulation fails to do what it says on the tin

The European Parliament has today voted on the outcome of the geo-blocking trilogue. While the new regulation introduces some new limits, by excluding videos, music, ebooks and online gaming, the final regulation falls far short of putting an end to geo-blocking.
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Stateless nations and media

Political and social movements of stateless nations face a double communication challenge in order to spread their vision and aims to society. The aim of this conference is to analyse the reality of both media and the communication agenda in several European stateless nations from different angles.
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Press release |

EU must recognise the potential of green jobs

Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans has proposed in parliament that the new EU skills strategy should take account of the vast potential to develop green technologies and acknowledge their importance in creating high skilled jobs in the future. She also called for action to ensure that migrants to Europe ...
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Better Regulation for Copyright

The EU has set itself the goal to base all its actions on evidence and a full understanding of the impacts of legislation. Better regulation should therefore also be the principle to apply in the ongoing legislative initiatives on copyright and related policy.
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More accessible books available for blind and visually impaired people

The European Parliament has approved the final deal on the implementation of the Marrakesh treaty in the EU. The treaty makes exceptions to some copyright rules for books and other materials in accessible formats for people who are blind or visually impaired (such as audiobooks, large print, and braille).