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Vulnerable Arctic - Warning signal of global warming

The seminar will look at the global impacts of the Arctic climate change, the Gulf Stream and the consequences for indigenous peoples. Both events are organised by Finnish Green MEP Satu Hassi. The exhibition (available online!) is organised in cooperation with the AMAP Secretariat (Norway).
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Air pollution takes a heavy toll on lives and economy

Air pollution in the European Union has reached alarming levels, taking a high toll on human health and economic productivity. The actions to combat this problem must be intensified but the implementation and execution of already existing EU legislation must also be enforced.
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Security of energy supply

Thanks to the Greens, the text adopted by the Energy Committee of the European Parliament on Tuesday 21 February is focused on energy savings and renewables rather than on nuclear and clean coal.
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Links about energy saving

To get more information on saving energy:EUFORES-Energy Efficiency Watch InitiativeEU Eco-Label homepageEU Green Paper on Energy EfficiencyEU Commission's SAVE ProgrammeEuropean Insulation Manufacturers AssociationEuropean Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings Energy savings in th...
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Links about renewable Energy

Get more on renewables with the following links:European Renewable Energy CouncilEuropean Forum for Renewable Energy SourcesEuropean Renewable Energy Centres AgencyRenewable Energies : status report 2005 (pdf)Report on Renewables in the European Parliament (pdf)FP7 finnish presidency compromise prop...
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Links about soft mobility

To know more about soft mobility:Transport & Environment homepageEuropean Environment Agency - TransportEuropean Plateform on Mobility ManagementEurocities - mobilityEuropean Conference of Ministers of Transport...
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Links about fossils

To get more detail about fossils:Oilwatch homepageAssociation for the Study of the Peak OilReport on Fossils by Greenpeace (pdf)Price of oil webpageBankwatch networkFossil of the day homepageEU Green Paper on Energy (March 2006)...
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Services directive

The vote on the Services Directive tomorrow causes some trouble. Outside of the parliament, the population protests, while the conservatives and the social-democrats confuse the issue inside by proposing diffuse compromises. Meanwhile, we look for new perspectives for a social Europe.
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Greens celebrate Kyoto Protocol first anniversary

We must stop climate change - urgently. New information confirming and deepening the scientific consensus on climate change is reported almost on a daily basis. Greens issue a statement on the occasion of the launch of their European campaign on the day of the first anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol
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Links about nuclear related issues

To know more about nuclear :Nuclear Energy and Climate Change (pdf)Heinrich Böll Foundation on NuclearWorld Information Service on Energy (WISE)WISE-UraniumWISE-ParisChernobyl + 20 homepageInformation on Tschernobyl + 20Consequences of the Chernobyl disasterStop the EPR nuclear reactorIAEA - WHO Me...