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array(8) { ["url"]=> string(62) "files/assets/imgs/list/study_housing_2022_02-summary-web-1.jpg" ["title"]=> string(25) "My home is an asset class" ["alt"]=> string(31) "Picture of appartment buildings" ["copyright"]=> string(38) "© Picture credits: UNSPLASH - MJ HARU" ["updated_at"]=> int(1643217339) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "af60fba4ba1d5ba5d92bb2502c21fe9f.jpg" ["fname"]=> string(39) "Study_HOUSING_2022_02-summary-web-1.jpg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10667/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10667/list" ["photo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10667/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10667/portrait" } }
© Picture credits: UNSPLASH - MJ HARU
Picture of appartment buildings
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My home is an asset class

In this report by Daniela Gabor and Sebastian Kohl, we explore the growing importance of institutional landlords such as Blackstone, focusing in particular on the mechanisms through which European legislation has accommodated their strategies to transform housing into asset classes. We use data to map the complex financial ecosystem behin…
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(49) "files/assets/imgs/list/a4_cover_background_2x.png" ["title"]=> string(57) "A Transformed EU External Action for a Climate-Just World" ["alt"]=> string(57) "A Transformed EU External Action for a Climate-Just World" ["copyright"]=> NULL ["updated_at"]=> int(1638910689) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "d94afcc0404dda532292069395cc0cc5.png" ["fname"]=> string(26) "A4 cover background@2x.png" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10577/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10577/list" ["photo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10577/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10577/portrait" } } A Transformed EU External Action for a Climate-Just World
Publication |

Paris aligned EU external action for a climate just world for all

The study - commissioned by the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament - shows how the European Green Deal can be mobilised to secure an EU foreign policy aligned with the Paris Agreement and capable of accelerating the transition towards a climate-just world for all.
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(41) "files/assets/imgs/list/bee-red-flower.jpg" ["title"]=> string(14) "Bee Red Flower" ["alt"]=> string(14) "Bee Red Flower" ["copyright"]=> string(21) "CC Heine Christiansen" ["updated_at"]=> int(1639060147) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "5d57f3dcd43d0b6290535abc2a390c11.jpg" ["fname"]=> string(18) "Bee-Red-Flower.jpg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10582/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10582/list" ["photo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10582/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10582/portrait" } }
CC Heine Christiansen
Bee Red Flower
Publication |

EU nature restoration law

The biodiversity crisis is upon us. One million species are threatened with extinction and the vast majority will be affected within the current human generation. A global target for the restoration of degraded ecosystems is envisaged to be adopted at the COP15 international conference on biodiversity in Kunming in 2022. To achieve the in…
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(61) "files/assets/imgs/list/digital_tech_study_cover_image_web.jpg" ["title"]=> string(32) "digital technologies study cover" ["alt"]=> string(32) "digital technologies study cover" ["copyright"]=> NULL ["updated_at"]=> int(1638526950) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "84c0bc719500dd41e6b6e255b2c86f32.jpg" ["fname"]=> string(38) "digital_tech_study_cover_image_web.jpg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10567/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10567/list" ["photo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10567/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10567/portrait" } } digital technologies study cover
Publication |

Digital technologies in Europe

This study highlights the resounding impact of digital technology and the IT sector on our environment. It deconstructs the notion that the digital world is light and dematerialised - “virtual”, “in the clouds” - and that it has no impact on the physical world.
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(56) "files/assets/imgs/list/pr-media-iuu2azdzp_m-unsplash.jpg" ["title"]=> string(30) "Phone Repair. Circular Economy" ["alt"]=> string(30) "Phone Repair. Circular Economy" ["copyright"]=> string(10) "©pr-media" ["updated_at"]=> int(1638528166) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "ba3c58d6222414ccf117b2d18a364da3.jpg" ["fname"]=> string(33) "pr-media-iuU2aZdzp_M-unsplash.jpg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10573/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10573/list" ["photo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10573/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10573/portrait" } }
Phone Repair. Circular Economy
Publication |

MEPs send a letter to the European Commission on a European repair score

According to an EU-wide poll, 74% of Europeans surveyed want environmental labels on electronic devices, while 90% of Europeans surveyed think that durability is important when choosing a new electronic device. One main barrier to consumers willing to purchase durable and reparable products was the lack of clear and comparable information…
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(50) "files/assets/imgs/list/fence___tanner-van-dera.jpg" ["title"]=> string(5) "fence" ["alt"]=> string(5) "fence" ["copyright"]=> string(18) "© tanner-van-dera" ["updated_at"]=> int(1636989782) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "09d89307823fde53147af28130b16912.jpg" ["fname"]=> string(27) "fence© tanner-van-dera.jpg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10506/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10506/list" ["photo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10506/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10506/portrait" } }
© tanner-van-dera
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Supporting Humanitarian Workers at the EU’s External Border

On 21st August 2018, Greek Police arrested humanitarian workers Seán Binder, Sarah Mardini and Nassos Karakitsos along with over 20 others. They were subsequently taken to Mytilene police station, questioned, and detained on orders of the Magistrate of Mytilene and held in pre-trial detention...
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(68) "files/assets/imgs/list/20211019_ep-120473a_dll_025_resized_l.jpg.JPG" ["title"]=> string(36) "VdL, Morawiecki walking into plenary" ["alt"]=> string(36) "VdL, Morawiecki walking into plenary" ["copyright"]=> string(63) "Daina LE LARDIC © European Union 2021 - Source : EP EP-120473A" ["updated_at"]=> int(1636992165) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "27ab9aabec94c9bf523a2d6f62a79f8d.JPG" ["fname"]=> string(41) "20211019_EP-120473A_DLL_025_RESIZED_L.JPG" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10507/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10507/list" ["photo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10507/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10507/portrait" } }
Daina LE LARDIC © European Union 2021 - Source : EP EP-120473A
VdL, Morawiecki walking into plenary
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Leaders of political groups address a letter to Commission President on the Polish recovery plan

In a letter sent on 15 November to Mrs von der Leyen, Presidents of the political groups in the European Parliament demand that the Commission, as guardian of the Treaties, refrains from approving the Polish recovery plan until all conditions under the Recovery and Resilience Regulation are met.
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(71) "files/assets/imgs/list/gas_pipeline_photo_by_mike_benna_on_unsplash.jpg" ["title"]=> string(12) "Gas pipeline" ["alt"]=> string(12) "Gas pipeline" ["copyright"]=> string(31) "Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash" ["updated_at"]=> int(1636453774) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "8a88ee414aa7cbc426e5d752ef371b78.jpg" ["fname"]=> string(48) "Gas pipeline Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash.jpg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10470/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10470/list" ["photo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10470/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10470/portrait" } }
Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash
Gas pipeline
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Alternatives to gas projects on the 5th PCI are possible

In the middle of COP26, here is a Green/EFA proposal to replace fossil gas projects with projects to achieve a 100% renewable based energy system. Alternative projects aligned with EU climate targets are available!
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(34) "files/assets/imgs/list/visuel2.png" ["title"]=> string(16) "No time to waste" ["alt"]=> string(24) "Message No time to waste" ["copyright"]=> NULL ["updated_at"]=> int(1635503796) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "24afafcd77ee27546e3cf7a6712b9c1c.png" ["fname"]=> string(11) "visuel2.png" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10433/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10433/list" ["photo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10433/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10433/portrait" } } Message No time to waste
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Greens/EFA demands for COP26

  These are the Greens/EFA’s demands for the COP26 in Glasgow:   We have to keep the 1.5 pathway within reach. Most countries’ emissions are still rising – this trend needs to be reversed. All countries and all sectors must urgently raise their ambi...
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(95) "files/assets/imgs/list/ieep_-_socioeconomic_impacts_of_res_deployment_in_eu_regions_page_01.png" ["title"]=> string(22) "Solar panels on a roof" ["alt"]=> string(61) "Solar panels on a roof - picture credit Bill Mead on Unsplash" ["copyright"]=> string(30) "Photo by Bill Mead on Unsplash" ["updated_at"]=> int(1635252549) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "cc64207440627bd9eb7f456c4a4e8b94.png" ["fname"]=> string(72) "IEEP - Socioeconomic impacts of RES deployment in EU regions_Page_01.png" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10428/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10428/list" ["photo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10428/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10428/portrait" } }
Photo by Bill Mead on Unsplash
Solar panels on a roof - picture credit Bill Mead on Unsplash
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The socio-economic impacts of renewable energy in EU regions

The Climate Law and its strengthened 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target requires a substantial acceleration of RES deployment in the EU in the next years. Ensuring socio-economic benefits for local communities will be key to the social and political acceptability of this rapid energy transition. ...