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Position papers include all papers formally adopted by our Group and thus representing our official position on major issues. Policy papers gather all briefings, brochures, statements from working groups or other Group bodies which have not been submitted to a vote but reflect a more technical position on specific topics. Studies are reports commissioned to experts and are accompanied most of the time with our political recommendations. For information and transparency purposes, we also publish here all Group letters sent to the other institutions or representatives

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Airplane contrails
Letter |

Alternatives to short-haul flights in the European Union

Considering that within the EU, a significant amount of short-haul flights are cross-border, that their environmental impact is significant, and that in many instances there are sustainable alternatives, we believe the Commission should take action to inform consumers, and help and motivate them in making more sustainable choices.
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(39) "files/assets/imgs/list/teameister_1.jpg" ["title"]=> string(19) "commission eu flags" ["alt"]=> string(40) "EU flags in front of Commission building" ["copyright"]=> string(26) "Tea Meister (CC BY-NC 2.0)" ["updated_at"]=> int(1625158254) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "be42ab51b6f5a6047e29c80e4591c948.jpg" ["fname"]=> string(14) "TeaMeister.jpg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10234/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10234/list" ["photo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10234/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10234/portrait" } }
Tea Meister (CC BY-NC 2.0)
EU flags in front of Commission building
Letter |

Greens/EFA letter to Ms Von der Leyen and Mr Timmermans on Fit for 2030 package

For the Greens/EFA, the launch of the “Fit for 2030 Package” will be a make or break moment for the implementation of the European Green Deal. It is now time to turn objectives and strategies into binding legislation, to honour our climate and energy commitments, to live up to the European Green Deal’s oath to ‘do no harm’ and to ensure a…
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© Pictures credit Bill Jelen - Unsplash
Picture of space
Policy Paper |

Green European Space Policy

For us, the role of earth observation in the space sector is important because measuring and fighting climate change is the key task for humanity in the upcoming decades. We want to make sure that access to and the exploration of space - whether through astronautical activities or astronomical observations - does not just remain the privi…
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Policy Paper |

Bold social ambition must drive the recovery

The pandemic has laid bare, and in many cases worsened, deep rifts in our societies. As we emerge from this difficult and painful period, we should take a moment to reflect on what kind of future we want to create. Coming out of this crisis cannot mean a return to business as usual: We need ambition and solidarity to tackle social injusti…
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Animal transport/ Izvora
Animal transport/ Izvora
Position Paper |

Animal Transport

The Greens-EFA have long called for investigation into the implementation of animal welfare rules in transport, and in 2020, the European Parliament finally created a Committee of Inquiry on the protection of animals during transport. The Greens-EFA group stands for a better protection of animals, and therefore adopts the following positi…
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Photo : European Union
Ursula Von der Leyen
Letter |

Ongoing assessment of national Recovery and Resilience Plans by the Commission

We MEPs from the Greens/EFA Group are convinced that a failure of the RRF to live up to the expectations of EU citizens will undermine our common European objectives. We believe this view is fully shared by the European Commission. To ensure that the RRF’s impact is lasting, sustainable, and fairly distributed across societies, the priori…
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(44) "files/assets/imgs/list/cover_naturestudy.png" ["title"]=> string(23) "Nature as a common good" ["alt"]=> string(34) "Picture of environmental activists" ["copyright"]=> string(35) "Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona-Unsplash" ["updated_at"]=> int(1622453049) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "c3a5481f9508794f9d98f312105c59ba.png" ["fname"]=> string(21) "Cover NatureStudy.png" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10119/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10119/list" ["photo"]=> string(52) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10119/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(55) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/10119/portrait" } }
Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona-Unsplash
Picture of environmental activists
Study |

Legal paradigm shifts for a new environmental law

With this study, the researchers show the importance of rethinking our law to ensure a rebalancing of the relationship between humans and nature. They propose, on the one hand, a reform of environmental criminal law at the national and European levels and the recognition of two offences: ecocide and the endangering of the safety of the pl…
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Position Paper |

GREENS/EFA Priorities for the Conference on the Future of Europe

Let’s seize the unique opportunity the Conference on the Future of Europe is offering us to work towards a more democratic, more resilient, more socially just, more innovative, more efficient, fairer and greener Europe.
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Policy Paper |

Towards an ETS that works for climate and the transformation of industry

This ETS revision must trigger this shift and help transform Europe’s industry and support the shift to renewables. The revision is not only about a higher carbon price, but also about creating the best possible instrument that works for climate and the green transformation of the power sector and the EU industry.
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Ludvig14 CC BY-SA 3.0
Picture of Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow
Position Paper |

EU-Russia : Components for a strategic reset

It is time to reassess the EU relationship vis-à-vis the Russian Federation. Recent months have demonstrated that our Russia strategy needs a strategic reset.