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Alternatives to herbicide in weed management

The present report aims to emphasise that we already have all the tools necessary to gradually start building a pesticide-free agricultural model and to confirm that weed control is possible using other means than harmful herbicides.
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European Parliament demands protection for whistleblowers across Europe

The European Parliament will call on the Commission to propose legislation to protect whistleblowers across Europe, no matter how they came across the information or which channel of reporting they use to sound the alarm, according to a report adopted today by the Legal Affairs Committee.
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European Commission should promote dialogue

The Greens/EFA group co-presidents have written to European Commission Vice-President Timmermans, calling on the Commission to seek dialogue between Spanish and Catalan authorities.
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Legal note on establishing an instrument contributing to stability and peace

There is no doubt about the interplay of development and security, or the importance of capacity building and cooperation with the security sector actors, in particular in fragile and conflict-affected third countries. However, the choice of legal basis must be based on Treaty provisions and the true centre of gravity of proposed actions,…
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Letter to the European Patent Office

Today and tomorrow (27.-28.07.17), the European Patent office will discuss the patenting of "natural" seeds. Two resolutions of the European parliament, an opinion by the Council and a legal notice by the Commission all asked the EPO to stop this practice which is not allowed by the European regulation. Since 2014, EPO has been letting…
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Future of Cohesion policy post-2020

The Greens/EFA are in favour of a strong, autonomous and targeted cohesion policy. Cohesion policy should remain an expression of solidarity and make a meaningful contribution to the future of Europe.
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The feasibility of associate EU citizenship for UK citizens postBrexit

This report has five principal findings on the protection of the status of Union citizenship and the related rights post-Brexit. First, the key question as to providing this protection is whether Union Citizenship continues post-Brexit, or whether Brexit extinguishes Citizenship. The report consider...
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Migrants © Samuel Aranda
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Stop blocking Dublin reform and open legal channels for migrants and refugees

The S&D and Greens/EFA groups in the European Parliament have sent a joint open letter to European Council President, Donald Tusk, and the Heads of States and Governments, ahead of the next European Council meeting on 22/23 June, asking for immediate action to reform the Dublin Agreement and open legal channels for migrants and refugees.
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Q&A on the Effort Sharing Regulation

The ‘Effort Sharing Regulation’ (ESR) sets binding national emission reduction targets for 2021-2030 for road transport, buildings, agriculture and waste. These sectors represent around 60% of EU greenhouse gas emissions. But will it meet the EU's Paris Climate Agreement commitments?
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Images_of_Money | CC BY 2.0
Money Laundering
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Letter to European Commission on money laundering allegations in Malta

The European Commission must to look into these serious allegations and open an infringement procedure against Malta if deemed necessary.