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Position papers include all papers formally adopted by our Group and thus representing our official position on major issues. Policy papers gather all briefings, brochures, statements from working groups or other Group bodies which have not been submitted to a vote but reflect a more technical position on specific topics. Studies are reports commissioned to experts and are accompanied most of the time with our political recommendations. For information and transparency purposes, we also publish here all Group letters sent to the other institutions or representatives

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Sustainable eating

This booklet is about the food we eat every day, and the impact it has on our health, our environment and our future. Sustainable eating is becoming an urgent issue all over the world. We can all help change things by making different food choices. So, if you are ready, here's some 'food for thought' about making your fridge a force for c…
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Green jigsaw
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10 proposals to target terrorism at EU level

While we believe the most urgent and effective steps the EU should undertake to address terrorism are to improve the security architecture within and between member states, we also consider the need for a comprehensive political approach and response, and thus push for resilient, cohesive societies focussing on preventing radicalisation.
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The post 2020 Multiannual Financial Framework

We are already surpassing the boundaries of our planet and there is an urgent need to protect natural resources and reduce energy consumption. The next MFF should place greater emphasis on these elements and dedicate appropriate funding throughout its different components. The Greens/EFA group is advocating a global and comprehensive resp…
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Organic - it makes a difference

How to make sure that your children are eating food that is both healthy and delicious? Do you wonder if you can always trust the organic label? The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament has fought for better and clearer rules for organic farming and food. Find out what do these new rules mean for organic food
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Climate briefings

Ahead of key votes in the European Parliament, we set out the Greens/EFA position on the Circular Economy, LULUCF and the Effort Sharing Regulation.
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Organic regulation briefing

On Thursday 19 April, the European Parliament will vote on the outcome of the trilogue negotiations on a new organic regulation. We've produced a briefing summarising the main achievements of the new regulation.
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23409.greening the streets
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Phasing out away from coal - reinventing European regions

The EU can and should play a role in facilitating transformational change away from coal mining and in particular in mitigating social and economic hardship that may occur in the course of these transitions.
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European flag 530x390
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Future of Europe

Without a united Europe, there will be no peace, prosperity and security in our globalised world. National democracies can hold elections, but lack the strength to enforce democratic decisions on multinational companies. Only the EU can become globally strong force for peace and human rights, protect citizens’ consumer rights, guarantee t…
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(47) "files/assets/imgs/list/vision_scenario_2017.jpg" ["title"]=> string(41) "The Green Vision Scenario for Europe 2017" ["alt"]=> string(41) "The Green Vision Scenario for Europe 2017" ["copyright"]=> NULL ["updated_at"]=> int(1519808478) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "b7ca4236041cc51fa9f270cb8c3e6a81.jpg" ["fname"]=> string(24) "Vision scenario 2017.jpg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(51) "" ["list"]=> string(50) "" ["photo"]=> string(51) "" ["portrait"]=> string(54) "" } } The Green Vision Scenario for Europe 2017
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The Vision Scenario for the European Union

The Vision Scenario represents a pathway which consistently combines short- and medium-term objectives with long-term objectives. Furthermore it is in line with an EU greenhouse gas emission budget that is consistent with a 2°C limit on the increase in global temperature. It is the first comprehensive scenario analysis for the European Un…
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70549 language diversity
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Envisaged reform of publicly funded education in minority languages in Latvia

The Greens/EFA group co-presidents have written to Latvian Permanent Representative, calling on Latvia to ensure that the envisaged reform will not breach the Union values.