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Position papers include all papers formally adopted by our Group and thus representing our official position on major issues. Policy papers gather all briefings, brochures, statements from working groups or other Group bodies which have not been submitted to a vote but reflect a more technical position on specific topics. Studies are reports commissioned to experts and are accompanied most of the time with our political recommendations. For information and transparency purposes, we also publish here all Group letters sent to the other institutions or representatives

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© Picture credits: Oleg Dudko- Dreamsite
Picture of growing plants on coins
Study |

Where does the EU money go?

In recent years, we have seen mounting evidence that the European Union’s funds in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly EU agriculture subsidies, tend to end up in the hands of local oligarchs connected to the political elites or big (agro) conglomerates rather than helping the small- and medium-sized farmers. This study aims at shedd…
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Study |

Gene Editing Myths and Reality

An unprecedented drive is under way to promote new genetic modification techniques that are collectively termed gene editing. A new report looks at the claims and shows them to be at best misleading and at worst deceptive.
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Offshore wind farm / CC0 Nicholas Doherty
Offshore wind farm / CC0 Nicholas Doherty
Study |

Best practice in maritime spatial planning

With this study, we set out to demystify the process behind planning, developing and conservation for our seas and oceans. In the coming years, we will be increasingly familiar with the process of Maritime Spatial Planning as we look to simultaneously harness the energy of the winds and the seas and protect our marine environment from ove…
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Study |

An EU ethics body

The European Union’s ethical framework governing the conduct of its staff and members appears more comprehensive than in most Member States. Yet, over the past years, multiple cases of unethical behaviour in the EU institutions have revealed significant systemic shortcomings, notably in the framework’s current implementation.
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Position Paper |

Affordable and Accessible Medicines for All

We need to alter the current innovation model for pharmaceuticals if we want to ensure accessible and affordable medicines for all. Ensuring access to all medicines for patients in need is a core human rights obligation, linked with the principles of equality, non-discrimination and transparency.
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© Picture credits : Denilo @Unsplash
COVID-19 virus
Study |

EU law in the 'first wave' : the legality of national measures to tackle the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 has challenged not just the public health but also the legal structure of the European Union. This study aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the extent to which Member States have complied with or breached EU law in four key areas during the COVID-19 ‘first wave’
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Position Paper |

Our demands for a European framework on minimum wages

We need a European framework directive setting thresholds for decent adequate minimum wages in the Member States. In-work poverty is a big problem in Europe. If we want a social Europe, we need to make sure everyone earns a wage you can live on - a living wage.
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© tanner-van-dera
Position Paper |

The Crucial Role of Third-Country Migrant Workers in the European Union

The Greens/EFA Group and the European Parliament have consistently called for a more holistic approach covering all pillars of the European Union's asylum and migration system. This is becoming even more important in times of COVID-19 pandemic crisis, showing that migrant workers are an integral part of European societies.
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Hand holding grain © Bart Sadowski
Hand holding grain
Policy Paper |

Genome editing in agriculture

Biodiversity and ecosystems are under extreme threat, with around one million species facing extinction. In order to respond to these unprecedented and closely interlinked crises, our food and agricultural systems need to be rapidly transformed. High input, industrial farming based on monocultures and factory farming must be replaced by h…
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Position Paper |

Greens/EFA group opposes any Israeli annexation and reaffirms the need for a two-state solution

Over many years, the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians has come to a standstill. This is due to the ongoing Israeli occupation, serious shortcomings on the side of the Palestinian leadership but also the attitudes of the international community and in particular the US, the EU and the Arab League. Developments on the groun…