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EU-Japan Agreement

The EU-Japan deal will be publicly presented as a symbol of an open, liberal trade regime, in contrast with the protectionist measures taking place in the US and elsewhere. The attack on the rules-based international trading system makes it all the more important for the EU to embed its’ values and live up to its commitments for sustainab…
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Reporting taxation

The report highlights how EU citizens can continue to use tax havens through avoiding the automatic exchange of financial information by setting up bank and other financial accounts in countries not applying OECD standards effectively, or by holding accounts in the US through a legal entity. Wealthy individuals can also easily circumvent …
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Hungary: Q&A on Sargentini Report on the rule of law

On Wednesday 12 September, the European Parliament will vote on the report on Hungary by the Dutch Green MEP Judith Sargentini. If a two-thirds majority supports Sargentini’s conclusions, then for the first time in history the European Parliament will conclude that in an EU country there is a clear risk of a serious breach of democracy, f…
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Green light for sustainable mobility

Too often, policymaking is dominated by cars and aimed at reducing road congestion, rather than at the broader challenge of a transition towards a sustainable transport sector. The Greens/EFA commissioned a study to explore what a truly sustainable mobility sector in 2050 might look like, and how we might get there.
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Pathways to a Euratom Reform

On 3 July, the EU Commission is going to present its ideas for the future of energy and climate policies, which should include a chapter on the future of the Euratom treaty. For the Greens/EFA group, the Euratom treaty cannot continue to be used as an excuse to allow financial support for nuclear...
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© Udo Weber
23409.greening the streets
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Green Trade for All

Green trade policy needs to identify the first bold steps on the path to bring us closer to an ecological vision for trade. Such steps should be developed as much as possible at the multilateral level, including proposing the necessary changes to the existing rules of the world trade system as embodied in the WTO.
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refugees bulgaria
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The EU-Turkey Statement and the Greek Hotspots

The study shows how the hotspots approach, coupled with the implementation of the EU-Turkey statement, violates the rights of refugees and migrants and still fails to achieve its underlying dual aim, namely to contain migrants and refugees in order to deter potential new arrivals and to facilitate returns from Greece to Turkey.
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Sustainable eating

This booklet is about the food we eat every day, and the impact it has on our health, our environment and our future. Sustainable eating is becoming an urgent issue all over the world. We can all help change things by making different food choices. So, if you are ready, here's some 'food for thought' about making your fridge a force for c…
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© lilly3
Green jigsaw
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10 proposals to target terrorism at EU level

While we believe the most urgent and effective steps the EU should undertake to address terrorism are to improve the security architecture within and between member states, we also consider the need for a comprehensive political approach and response, and thus push for resilient, cohesive societies focussing on preventing radicalisation.
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The post 2020 Multiannual Financial Framework

We are already surpassing the boundaries of our planet and there is an urgent need to protect natural resources and reduce energy consumption. The next MFF should place greater emphasis on these elements and dedicate appropriate funding throughout its different components. The Greens/EFA group is advocating a global and comprehensive resp…