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Human Rights violations in Iran

The Greens/EFA are outraged by the recent condemnation of the 13-year-old child Zhila Izadi to death by stoning after being found pregnant from her 15 year-old brother and calls on the Iranian authorities to immediately halt all attempts of stoning and to prevent any further application of the death penalty to minors.
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Situation in Belarus

The Greens/EFA Group strongly condemns the Belarus regime's indiscriminate attacks on the media, journalists, members of the opposition, human rights activists and any person who attempts freely to voice criticism of the President and the regime and calls authorities to guarantee that the parliamentary elections of 17 October 2004 will be…
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First fact-finding mission to Spain

Report from the first mission of the European Parliament to Spain to investigate abuses on urbanistic laws.
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Kyoto Protocol and Climate change

The consequences of climate change are foreseeable. Temperatures will rise by between one and six degrees. Sea levels will rise. The supply of fresh water will shrink. What can we do? Here you find a short summary of the problems we are facing and a list of Green proposals to stop climate change.
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Position on Software Patents

Software patents are much more than a technical issue. It is an issue of culture and knowledge. Software patents would open the door to patenting knowledge for the first time in the EU. This would be a dangerous precedent. We support the protection of software by means of the copyright.
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Five Green proposals for a European energy policy

What we want is clear: 30 per cent fewer greenhouse gases by 2020. But how do we get there? Step number one: We introduce a kerosene tax in the EU by 2006 and promote it worldwide. Step number two: We install 10 million solar roofs. Are you interested? Then get to know the details!
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Green light for the European Constitution

It is true, the Constitution still has many shortcomings. But what are the alternatives? In her plenary speech Monica Frassoni makes clear that a rejection won't lead to a better constitution. Yet, the present text is at least a first major step towards a stronger European democracy.
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WTO and corporate globalisation - an overview

The international trading system and its main administering institution, the WTO, are in a crisis. In this document you find our objections to this old, unfair and oppressive system as well as our ideas for a new, socially just and sustainable trading framework for the 21st Century.
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Intensive production? This cow needs grass

Too much milk and meat protein is grown on concrete. It is natural to see cows grazing in fields. But in intensive beef and milk production, animals are cooped up in concrete stables the whole year round and fed on maize silage and compound power feed.
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Don't be bullied on genetically modified food

GM food is not only bananas – it could become big business if people who invest in GMOs and biotechnology get their way. From the test-tube to the dinner plate GM food would be controlled by a handful of super-powerful organisations. Almost all GM crops currently released belong to four companies:...