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Whether or not you like pineapple on your pizza, we all agree that – whatever we decide to eat – we want it to be good for our bodies and good for the planet. And we want to know that the farmer who produced the food is getting a fair, living wage. Now is the time to make this a reality. This opportunity only comes once every 7 years, when the European Union reviews its billion-Euro farm subsidies budget, which supports farmers’ food production*.

We can leverage the power of money to solve the crimate crisis, by making sure that this financial aid is provided to farmers that are working to save the planet. The climate crisis is so severe that even some high-level politicians in the new European Commission have woken up and decided to increase the ambition, by publishing overarching strategies like the “Green Deal”. But it looks like the message hasn’t reached all the politicians yet, because the Socialist (centre-left), Renew (liberals) and EPP (centre-right) groups in the European Parliament have banded together to vote against progressive proposals that would:

  • Finance small (and new) farmers instead of throwing money at huge agri-businesses, royal families and oligarchs that gobble up the land across Europe.
  • Use the money to reward farmers who are working in harmony with the planet and treating their animals humanely.
  • Invest in local farming to make shorter and fairer supply chains so that food doesn’t always have to travel thousands of miles.

That’s why we need to call on all Members of the European Parliament to vote against this Common Agricultural Policy. That way, the European Commission will have to redraft their proposal; and hopefully this new, more ambitious European Commission can then come forward with a proposal that will deliver on the European Green Deal. For everyone’s sake.

To send an email to all MEPs calling on them to #VoteThisCAPdown, simply fill in the form below.

*Known in Brussels as the “CAP”, the Common Agricultural Policy
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