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poland supreme court (CC BY 2.0) David Berkowitz
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MEPs vote to take Commission to Court over rule of law

The Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament voted for the Parliament to take the European Commission to court for inaction on the Rule of Law Conditionality Mechanism. Despite numerous breaches of the rule of law endangering the proper use of EU funds, the Commission has failed to activate the mechanism. MEPs, led by the Gree…
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Plenary Flash 18-21 October 2021

During this plenary session, the European Parliament will debate the rule of law situation and abortion ban in Poland, the Farm to Fork strategy, the UN Climate Conference (COP26), global tax deal and Pandora Papers, the 2022 EU budget, Frontex, ...
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Greens/EFA call for massive expansion of renewable energies and compensation for worse-affected households

The European Commission unveiled its "toolbox" for EU governments to tackle the current energy price hike. The toolbox mainly includes short-term measures for member states by setting out options to target vulnerable households. The Greens/EFA Group calls for support for low-income citizens, ramping up energy renovations and the further d…
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G20 Finance Ministers’ agreement on international corporate tax reform watershed moment but further action needed

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bankers are expected to give their approval to the OECD framework for a minimum effective corporate tax rate and the reallocation of profits from the largest and most profitable companies. The OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework agreement, of which 26 EU member states are a part, means that over the next two yea…
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The future of online advertising

Our digital world today is recording and tracking user’s every move, creating detailed profiles of users to show them relevant adverts targeted at their interests. It has not always been this way in the online world. This report explores concerns surrounding the practice of tracking-based advertising today and examines in detail the most …
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Nature as an asset class: the new EU financial market on biodiversity destruction

This report by Frédéric Hache aims to explain the concept of ‘natural capital’ as a new framing of nature in which it is considered as a list of services benefiting humans. It also explains what biodiversity offset markets are, how they were developed and how they could look in the European context. Finally, it explores alternatives to th…
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OECD minimum corporate tax rate negotiations

Ahead of the Plenary meeting of the OECD Inclusive Framework where countries are expected to agree on a final tax deal to impose a minimum effective tax rate on the largest multinationals, the Greens/EFA Group urges the countries around the table to not bend to the pressure of tax havens and raise the bar of the final agreement. A strong…
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Debriefing of the October I plenary session

Greens/EFA priorities for the plenary week included the Biodiversity and Agenda 2030 report, EU solutions to the rise of energy prices, artificial intelligence (AI) in criminal law and biometric surveillance, RRF recovery plans, a report on EU-US Relations, the European Health Preparedness and Response Agency (HERA), the Pandora Papers.
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An ecological approach to connectivity

Ahead of the publication of the Path to the Digital Decade Policy Programme, Greens/EFA want to raise the Commission's attention on the importance for the digital transition to promote the green transition. It is essential that the European Commission adopt measures that will include an ecological approach to connectivity, make an efficie…
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Ruling flies in face of EU Treaties - Quote from Terry Reintke MEP

In clear breach of the EU Treaties and previous statements by the European Court of Justice, the illegitimate Polish 'Constitutional Tribunal' ruled that Polish law takes supremacy over EU law. The ruling was called for by the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.