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100,000 people march for climate justice at COP26 in Glasgow

100,000 people marched in #Glasgow yesterday. 100,000 people demanding climate justice. 100,000 people demanding real climate action. The climate crisis is here. But so are we.
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The climate crisis is here

Numerous typhoons in the Philippines, unpredictable droughts in Uganda and life-threatening floods in Belgium - The climate crisis and its devastating effects are now everywhere and undeniable. But it's the communities least responsible, that are most affected by climate change. These are just a few stories from the front-line of humanity…
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Greens/EFA demands for COP26

  These are the Greens/EFA’s demands for the COP26 in Glasgow:   We have to keep the 1.5 pathway within reach. Most countries’ emissions are still rising – this trend needs to be reversed. All countries and all sectors must urgently raise their ambi...
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Vaccine contracts/transparency:

Since January 2021, the Greens/EFA Group has been working to secure the right to access to information in the context of vaccine contracts between the European Commission and vaccine manufacturers. After months of correspondence between the Greens/EFA and Commission, during which the Commission did not agree to provide transparent access …
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EU Parliament sues EU Commission before the European Court of Justice

The European Parliament today, as called for by the Greens/EFA Group, proceeded with legal action against the European Commission for failing to uphold European law, under Article 265 of the treaties. Pursuing legal action had already been approved by the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, which made it a condition of the…
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Photo by Paul Fiedler on Unsplash
Glass buildings
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Commission proposals not enough to green banking sector

The European Commission's latest proposal to reform banking regulation, inline with international agreements on banking regulation (Basel III). The revisions to the Capital Requirements Directive and Capital Requirements Regulation are aimed at preserving financial stability by addressing the systematic underestimation of risks, and ensur…
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European Union
Tatjana Zdanoka
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Petitions Committee Vice-Chair will not take part in fact-finding mission to Spain

Greens/EFA MEP and First Vice-Chair of the European Parliament's Petitions Committee Tatjana Ždanoka has announced that she will not take part in the Committee's forthcoming fact-finding visit to Spain. In a letter, Ms Ždanoka said that she finds it 'unacceptable' to take part. ...
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Photo by Bill Mead on Unsplash
Solar panels on a roof - picture credit Bill Mead on Unsplash
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The socio-economic impacts of renewable energy in EU regions

The Climate Law and its strengthened 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target requires a substantial acceleration of RES deployment in the EU in the next years. Ensuring socio-economic benefits for local communities will be key to the social and political acceptability of this rapid energy transition. ...
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Surveillance cameras  ©matthew-henry
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Biometric and behavioural mass surveillance in EU Member states

The aim of this report is to establish a problematised overview of what we know about what is currently being done in Europe when it comes to remote biometric identification (RBI), and to assess in which cases we could potentially fall into forms of biometric mass surveillance.
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EU governments miss chance to take concrete action against attacks on rule of law and postpone response to rising energy prices

The Council and the EU Commission must defend European values, democracy, the rule of law and the rights of Polish citizens. Greens/EFA demand that the Article 7 procedure be pushed forward. On energy prices, the EU needs to end billions in fossil fuel subsidies and invest in 100 percent renewables, sustainable infrastructure and energy e…