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Gender Equality Strategy must respond to the needs of all women in Europe

Members of the European Parliament will vote on a report on the Gender Equality Strategy, released by the Commission last March. The report welcomes the Commission's strategy, which lays out strategic objectives on how to strengthen women’s rights and gender equality in the EU for the coming five years. However, it addresses several short…
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EFA MEPs welcome self-determination caucus

EFA MEPs have welcomed the establishment of a self-determination caucus within the European Parliament. This new initiative brings together MEPs from different political groups in support of the right to self-determination for the peoples and communities of the EU's stateless nations and nati...
European Council
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European Council Summit

Philippe Lamberts MEP, President of the Greens/EFA group, comments ahead of the European Council on Covid-19: "The only way out of this pandemic is if we work together. By acting together we best serve the common European interest."
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Decent and affordable housing for all

The European Parliament adopted the report ‘access to decent and affordable housing for all’ by Greens/EFA MEP Kim van Sparrentak. The Parliament report is calling on the European Commission to propose an integrated strategy on affordable and social housing, to ensure that housing rights are put before market interests, and for an end to …
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EU & US must work together as close friends

Members of the European Parliament debated the inauguration of new United States President Joe Biden and the political situation in the US. The EU and US need to work together as close friends if we are going to overcome the climate crisis, tackle global threats to health and support democracy and human rights worldwide.
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European Arrest Warrant must not be exploited for political reasons

EFA MEPs Diana Riba and Jordi Solé have spoken out against attempts to politicise the operation of the European Arrest Warrant. The European Parliament has been reviewing the implementation of the European Arrest Warrant, which allows those accused of serious crimes to be extradited from o...
Turkish Flag/ CC0 Dima Rogachevskiy
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Prisoners of conscience in Turkey

MEPs will debate and vote on an urgency resolution on the human rights situation in Turkey, notably the case of Selahattin Demirtaş and other prisoners of conscience, and urge for their immediate release. One of the less known prisoners of conscience is Cihan Erdal, a member of the youth wing of Turkey’s Green Left Party.
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Reform of the EU's list of tax havens

The European Parliament adopted a resolution with proposals to reform the EU's list of tax havens. Central demands are stricter criteria as well as a transparent and independent decision-making process on listing or delisting countries as tax havens. The criteria should also be applied to EU countries.
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1000 km of shame

"Many criticised Trump's crazy idea of building a wall. But we have in the EU erected over 1000 km of walls over last 30 years to prevent asylum seekers from coming to Europe. 1000km of walls to isolate rather than to protect. Look away rather than to stand together. 1000km of shame!" Strong speech by our MEP Damien Carême today in the…
Covid-19 vaccine/ CC0 Hakan Nural
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Greens/EFA call for more European cooperation & unity

Members of the European Parliament will debate the global vaccination strategy. The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament are calling for more coordination among EU countries and support a European approach. The Greens/EFA group calls on the European Commission to build trust with more transparency and advocates for international eq…