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Greens/EFA priorities - plenary session 25-29 November 2019

+Climate and environmental emergency

Debate Tuesday, vote Thursday

The Greens/EFA group have called for a resolution to declare a climate emergency. It's time to for the EU to declare a climate and environmental emergency and set out concrete measures on how to act. Now, the Parliament needs to agree on actions, such as the increase of the EU 2030 climate target to 65%, to end funding for fossil fuels in the Multiannual Financial Framework and to reform the CAP. The resolutions on the Climate Emergency and on the COP 25 will both be voted on Thursday.


COP25 Climate Change Conference in Madrid

Debate Tuesday, vote Thursday (the debate and vote will take place alongside the climate and environmental emergency resolution).

From the 2nd to 13th of December 2019 the 25th United Nations Climate Change conference will be held in Madrid. The European Parliament will debate and vote on a specific COP 25 resolution in plenary before the start of the COP. The EU risks coming empty-handed to Madrid. European leaders are yet to confirm the objective of reaching net-zero emissions at the very latest by 2050, The Greens/EFA group are calling on Member States and the Commission to increase the 2030 target to at least -65%, and to include mid-term and longer-term objectives in the upcoming Climate Law.

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New Commission


Next week, the European Parliament will vote on the proposed new European Commission of President-elect Ursula von der Leyen. If the Parliament votes in favour, the new Commission will start its mandate from the 1st of December.


Budget 2020

Vote Tuesday

On Tuesday, the Parliament will vote to confirm the outcome of the conciliation committee on the EU's 2020 budget. Thanks to the efforts of the Greens/EFA group the budget will include an additional half a billion euros of investment for climate protection and an additional 78 million euros for combating youth unemployment and promoting the Erasmus exchange scheme.

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Public country-by-country reporting

EU Ministers meeting Thursday, Brussels.

On Thursday, EU Ministers will discuss proposals for public country-by-country reporting for the first time since the Commission came out with a draft over three and a half years ago. The Greens/EFA group have long called for greater transparency around the taxes paid and profits earned of multinational corporations.

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Presidential press briefing 10:30 Tuesday, in the Daphne Caruana Galizia room. 




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