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Face surveillance vs Facial Authentication: What is it and why should biometric mass surveillance be banned in the public space?

Often when people think of facial recognition, they think about unlocking their phones with their face. Facial authentication is used to verify that someone is who they say they are, when for example gaining secured access to a building or traveling through a passport gate. This is a one-to-one comp...
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For an independent EU ethics body common to all EU institutions

The EU institutions have some of the best ethics rules for lobby transparency, for Commissioners and staff to cool-off before taking the revolving door into a lobby job and against other conflicts of interest. Yet, the implementation of these rules can be improved. The new EU Commission said it i...
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Rapeseed field
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Find me if you can – Detecting gene-edited plants in the EU food chain

EU governments are worried that GM plants engineered with so-called “gene editing” cannot be distinguished from similar, non-GM plants and therefore cannot be regulated. Based on such “practical questions”, they asked the Commission to assess, by April 2021, whether these ...
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The Risks of Discrimination of Biometric Mass Surveillance

Throughout the European Union, governments are experimenting with highly intrusive systems of facial recognition and other biometric mass surveillance in public spaces. At the same time, there has been a global uproar against the usage of these technologies due to their alarming consequences for fun...
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Affordable Housing

We want to have a conversation about ‘the AirBnB-effect.’ The expansive growth of short-term holiday rental is extracting housing from the market and driving up prices, and has a negative impact on liveability in large cities and popular tourist destinations in Europe.  This phen...
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syrian family
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Migration Pact – A better future for migration and asylum in the EU?

On 23 September, the European Commission proposed a new Migration and Asylum Pact, which is meant to create a new balance between responsibility and solidarity and streamline the asylum process. There are many questions to be clarified and discussed to understand the European Commission’s proposal and its implication
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EFA Webinar - Nagorno-Karabakh

European Free Alliance MEPs, with the European Free Alliance political party, organise a webinar to discuss the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, on Wednesday 21 October at 16h00.   Join here: EFA Webinar - Nagorno-Karabakh    ...
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A new EU law on Notice and Action for removal of illegal content online?

For over a decade, online platforms have been imposing their own arbitrary rules for illegal content that is distributed on their networks. This resulted many times in hateful and other problematic content to spread, and at the same time in an over-removal of perfectly legal content online. The E...
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CC0 Andrew Keymaster - Protesters face riot police in Belarus
Protesters face riot police in Belarus
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The last dictatorship in Europe

After Lukashenka blatantly stole presidential elections, hundreds of thousands continue peacefully protesting against the dictatorship in Belarus, in the very heart of Europe. Lukashenka‘s regime brutally retaliates against anyone showing resistance and bravery. Among thousands of arbitrarily ...
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school of fish
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Protecting marine life - the road to 2030

Healthy oceans are a key to our life on Earth as we know it. Unfortunately, marine life is disappearing at an alarming rate. Climate change, pollution and overexploitation of marine resources are serious issues. If we want to reverse the trend of biodiversity loss and to allow marine life to thrive again, we need to act now. The decisions…