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Belarus Border Refugees
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Live Q&A on EU external borders: Human lives instrumentalised in a geopolitical conflict

MEP Tineke Strik recently visited the Poland and Lithuanian border with Belarus, and MEP Damian Boeselager recently visited Athens and Samos. In a live, together, they will reflect on their missions, explain the current crises at the EU external border and discuss their priorities of how the EU can improve the situation on the ground.
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Green Tech Film Festival

As part of the Green Tech festival, four documentary films will be screened in the Kinograph cinema during two days. The documentaries will all revealed, in their own way, the dark side of the electronics industry
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LIVE WEBINAR: Current practices of biometric mass surveillance in the EU

On 25 October, the Greens/EFA group will publish its report on the current practices of biometric mass surveillance in the EU. Join us to learn more about these practices, to what extent they are effective and the risks that they pose to fundamental rights! Register now!
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Pushbacks on the EU border

Tineke Strik (Member of European Parliament for the Greens), will discuss this first of its kind legal action and its implication with the two migration lawyers who’re lodging the litigation.
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Digital Advertising
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TECH YOUR PICK: new rules for online advertising

Join us for the second in a new series of webinars on the Digital Services Act package. This second webinar will explore why SMEs, NGOs, academics, publishers and politicians in Europe and across the Atlantic have increasingly raised concerns regarding the harms to privacy, competition and online economy created by behavioural and microta…
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Prison conditions in Europe

The aim of this conference is to debate around the actual living conditions inside prisons and how they affect the health, progress and prosocial change among inmates.
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How to prevent EU produced weapons from fuelling conflict

EU Weapons still fuel war and conflict in other countries. Can arms export control lead to more peace in the world? Join our discussion in this webinar.
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European Ideas Lab

The European Ideas Lab brings together changemakers from all over Europe: activists, civil society organisations, citizens’ movements, artists, Green innovators with the same objective to bring a positive change in society. This edition will take place in a hybrid form in Milan and online 30 September – 2 October 2021.
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Girl Power
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Greens/EFA roundtable on ending gender-based violence

Gender-based violence (GBV) is one of the most systematic and widespread human rights violations in the world, claiming thousands of lives every year even before the pandemic. It’s time the EU moves from empty words to concrete actions.
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Coded Bias – On Discriminatory Algorithms and the Need to Ban Biometric Mass Surveillance Technologies

The Greens/EFA campaign against biometric mass surveillance is organizing a screening of Shalini Kantayya’s award-winning documentary “Coded Bias” followed by a panel debate on algorithmic biases and how they are being addressed in the Artificial Intelligence Regulation.