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Deforestation illegal-logging-amazon-brazil
Deforestation illegal-logging-amazon-brazil
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Imported deforestation - webinar

Watch our webinar on how to end imported deforestation. The rate of global deforestation remains alarmingly high. The EU must put in place robust regulations to eliminate its outsized deforestation footprint!
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Picture of a façade with banner Refugees welcome
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European Parlamentarians with Mimmo Lucano Against Criminalization of Solidarity

Too many citizens and local authorities - like the the former mayor of Riace (Italy) - are facing prosecution and sentences for acting in solidarity with those seeking refuge in the EU. Three MEPs from progressive groups will travel to Riace beginning of June to show their support and speak out in an event organised with Mimmo Lucano.
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From financialised to human rights-based housing

This event will mark the global launch of The Shift Directives on financialisation of housing, with Leilani Farha, former UN Special Rapporteur on Housing. The Directives put forward a human rights based approach to address the growing issue of housing financialisation.
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Covid-19 vaccine/ CC0 Hakan Nural
Covid-19 vaccine/ CC0 Hakan Nural
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Share to prepare : how to vaccinate the world

After 2 years into the pandemic, we still face the urgent need to facilitate global access to COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, and prepare for future pandemics. This webinar will go into the key questions that are now on the table: is the current TRIPS waiver proposal an effective response to the challenge of scaling-up access to COVID …
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Public surveillance cameras
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Stop Biometric Surveillance - Time for an EU ban on biometric mass surveillance in public spaces

The Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament invites you to an open event at MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan to discuss the urgent need to ban biometric mass surveillance in the EU.
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The digital person
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The future of online advertising: innovative practices on the rise

Join our webinar on 19 April to discuss the future of online advertising. We'll discuss solutions to problems with the advertising market and surveillance-based advertising with our MEPs and guest speakers from leading tech companies.
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Picture of Budapest - Hungary © Jaap Hart
Picture of Budapest - Hungary
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The Hungarian vote and its implications for Europe

The outcome of the elections in Hungary on 3 April resulted in the current Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, staying in office for another term. Join us live to discuss the outcome of these elections and the implications for the rest of Europe.
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Russian Oligarchs: What we don’t know about what the rich own

Since the war in Ukraine started, countries have confiscated millions in Russian oligarchs’ assets. But this is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the millions of euros that they own offshore and that have been crucial in sustaining Putin's regime for decades.
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Goliath film poster
Goliath film poster
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The dramatic thriller Goliath tells the story of farmers fighting against toxic pesticides and a big multinational company. Join us in the European Parliament for a screening, together with the film crew and MEPs Benoit Biteau (Greens/EFA), Eric Andrieu (S&D).
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Nurse on wall / Streetart style
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Green Health Talks

With the global pandemic pushing health care to the top of the agenda for the past two years, it is time to draw up our conclusions. Join our MEPs Tilly Metz, Michèle Rivasi and Margrete Auken for the first edition of the #GreenHealthTalks on "The EU in the pandemic".