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Agreement on a common charger reached

This agreement seals the deal: In two years consumers in the EU will finally be able to charge all their mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras with the same USB-C charging cable. This will save resources, protect the environment and support consumers.
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Migration : solidarity should not be a crime

A delegation of MEPs from progressive groups held a press conference with the former mayor of Riace Domenico “Mimmo” Lucano who was sentenced to 13 years and 2 months in prison for criminal conspiracy to assist illegal immigration. MEPs wanted to express their solidarity with Mimmo Lucano and to highlight their commitment in favour of an…
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Commission pushes ahead with Polish Recovery Plan despite serious issues with judicial independence

The European Commission has agreed that it will push ahead the National Recovery Plan for Poland. The Greens/EFA Group have long called for the Polish Plan approval to be withheld until the Polish government substantially reforms its judiciary.
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European Council
European Council
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EUCO: Agreement reached on EU partial oil embargo

The agreement to ban 90 percent of Russian oil from entering the European Union and to finally put the sixth sanctions package into force is welcome. To continue maximum pressure on Russia, the EU’s unity is key. European unity cannot come at the expense of the rule of law though. The EU must not give away its values for unity.
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War in Ukraine: War crimes must be prosecuted

War crimes in Ukraine and criminal prosecution will be debated by Members of the European Parliament. The debate will be followed by a vote on a resolution calling for support to the International Criminal Court in gathering evidence and prosecution, close cooperation with Ukrainian civil society and prosecution of sexual violence, gender…
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REPowerEU: Commission takes step towards ending dependence on Russian oil and gas

The European Commission presented the REPowerEU package of proposals on how to make the EU independent of fossil fuels, in particular from Russia. The Greens/EFA Group welcome legal and binding measures for more renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as the proposed legal obligation to install solar energy on all new public and c…
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Greens/EFA Group welcome new defence plan

The Commission has just released its plan to close the defence investment gaps, in light of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.
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Photo by Marius Oprea on Unsplash
European Parliament in Brussels
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MEPs to vote on global minimum corporate tax rate for multinationals

MEPs will debate and vote on the need for EU Member States to agree to proceed on the OECD framework for a minimum corporate tax rate. So far Poland is blocking the Council and holding the EU back in moving forward as a block on the international agreement, which would see a minimum corporate tax rate of 15% for large multinationals. Next…
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Frontex: EU Parliament refuses 2020 Frontex budget discharge

The European Parliament refused the 2020 budget discharge for the European border management agency Frontex, and postponed the vote. Fabrice Leggeri resigned from his post as director of the agency following the revelation of various scandals, including Frontex's support for illegal pushbacks. The Greens/EFA Group welcomes the EU Parliame…
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Women fleeing Ukraine must get access to SRHR including abortions

Today, Members of the European Parliament are expected to show strong support for women impacted by the war in Ukraine. In recent weeks, there have been a growing number of unofficial reports from survivors and intelligence reports about rape, sexual harassment, and torture being increasingly used by the Russian army as a weapon of war ag…